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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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Hmm, well if that isn't one of the most adorable things I've seen so f-stay focused Brendan, you're bleeding. No fantasizing, you've got panties for that.

He wasn't really sure how much blood he'd lost over the day, and he was really worried. He wasn't even close to a medical expert like Sarah was, since the only medical show he'd seen was CSI, and even their methods were questionable. But he knew, from Sarah's reaction to it, that it had to be bad.

"Uh, I...I guess I have? I mean, I'm really tired now, but I, um, think that's because we've been on the move for a while, I really dunno. But...yeah, I...ugh, I'm gonna lie down now."

So he did what he was told, and, placing his bag on the log beside him, layed down on the grass below.

It was a weird experience, being in this oddly sexual situation on the ground in the presence of these three girls...no, two girls. Man, he really was dizzy wasn't he? He was lucky that his parents weren't probably watching.

...and then it hit him that it had taken almost 4 days away from them for him to actually think about home.

He'd cared about his friends, every person on the island who was in danger. It was like he was literally in a different world to the world he'd come to live in for the entirity of his life...and failed to think about everyone in the world who'd been watching him back home. He couldn't even bear to think of what he'd seen be done on television, and that was just the tip of the iceburg. He'd never told his parents he swung both ways in regards to his sexual preferences, living in the neighbourhood that he used to, and to think, Lexie and Joseph and Laverne and Ayn and everyone else who couldn't make it or didn't make it, would they find out as well? What could they see of him in this state, and if he ever did persee make it home, would they forgive him for what they'd seen him do? Even worse, the thought of his old friends back in Australia. They'd only find out about this way after he was dead, since SOTF wasn't shown in Australia, and everything was delayed a few days, even games and movies and everything, and...

His entire thought process was running together in a blur that didn't make any sense. He had really lost a lot of blood, huh?

He also, at that point in time, laying on the ground, just realised that he was about to have a girl sitting on top of him.

Stop smiling, you idiot.

Brendan did what his thoughts told him to do and, following that, removed his shoe and sock with his opposing foot.

Laying down by the fire, he could have sworn he saw someone moving in the distance. But he couldn't have been sure, since it was nighttime. It would never have been safe enough anyway, in case they were playing or someone he wished to avoid for the time being.

"Okay. I take it this is gonna hurt, Sarah?"
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