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Melissa watched silently as Aislyn continued to rummage around Samaya's belongings, her hands clenched at her sides. After her little private...episode from earlier, she had simply decided that it would be best if she didn't try thinking about anything important and let Aislyn run things. The other girl certainly was more confident and composed than she was...and at least she had a plan for things. All Melissa had done so far was...nothing, really. Nothing but hurt her hand and let herself freak out. Perhaps it was a good thing Aislyn was here too...give her guidance. So she simply waited for her new orders, trying to keep that cooperative smile on her face as she watched Aislyn weave a pair of makeshift shoes using one of Samaya's shirts.

One corner of her lips twitched in a crooked smile as she remembered that scene from the swamp. She had completely forgotten that Aislyn had trekked all the way from the swamp to here without a single pair of shoes. It was pretty amazing that she had done that, actually...and it really only made Melissa way more thankful that she hadn't lost her own. 'I wonder where those shoes are now...maybe we'll run into them again. Hahaha...I wonder what Aislyn would do if we ever came across that girl again. Probably try to stab her, screaming about her shoes.'

The thought was oddly funny in her mind and she had to resist giggling as she imagined a berserker Aislyn rampaging around the island, waving around her wooden spear with the shirts of her fallen foes tied around her feet. She began humming Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as she imagined it, but her reverie was suddenly broken when Aislyn began speaking to her. Blinking in surprise and turning her attention to the swimmer, she silently nodded and opened up her pack. Carefully stuffing the extra food into her bag, she gave herself a nod after she was done. "All right...looks like this is good."

She shook her head when Aislyn offered her the bottle and simply got to her feet, hefting the bag of her shoulder. She took in a deep breath and sighed, shaking her head slightly as the swimmer walked off. She cast a glance at Felicia, wondering what the other girl felt about all this. She seemed like she had known Samaya the most so...well, it really wasn't her problem or her place to try to offer any words of comfort or...anything, really.

Melissa turned and walked after Aislyn.

'Until help gets here? ...Fat chance.'

(Melissa Li continued elsewhere.)
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