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Lucas finally put the gun down. Crisis averted. Of course, he had to be all agonizingly slow and long-winded about it; not to mention that he clearly seemed reluctant to go through with it. Possibly worrying, but the most important thing was that people were no longer pointing guns at each other. Well, one side wasn't pointing guns. Ericka appeared to be backing up towards a big tree. Probably getting ready to bolt, since the danger had subsided.
Alternately, finding cover to hide behind while shooting. Can't rule out all possibilities.
Peter relaxed slightly. Now that Lucas had put his gun down, he could actually go back to his normal routine of not actually having to focus on one thing. It was more efficient to be taking in as much information from everything around him. A glance thrown over his shoulder informed him that Eiko had followed him a lot more closely than he'd have preferred. Not much of an issue now, but it could've been dangerous if things had actually gone the other way.

The grass danced their slow dance as a breeze rippled across the field. Peter heard voices again, but nobody else was visible in the vicinity. It took a moment to determine who was talking. Ericka was standing, right up against the large tree, and apparently laying down some observations about Lucas. Peter knew she was right about him not being trustworthy; a sword wasn't nearly as threatening as a gun, but that didn't mean he couldn't be dangerous.
Even Rick Holeman the marine lost using a gun against a fighter. Odds aren't exactly nil.
But she went on talking. About how trusting others wasn't the smartest plan. About how not every killer was instantly violent. And about how there was a lesson Danya was trying to teach them.
Well, turns out she was a psycho after all. Can't be right all the time after all.
No way. No fucking way.
Yes way. Contingency plans ahoy.
The words clicked together; their meaning was clear. It took only a fraction of a moment to put it all together. Too quick. Not quick enough. Another fraction for the thoughts to fully process, to determine a countermeasure. Again too quick. But also not quick enough.
No sense thinking about what would be the right reaction. Just react.
"Get the fuck down!" Peter yelled as he launched himself forward. The loud bark of gunfire drowned out his last word. It sounded different, louder and less resonant, than how he'd imagined it. He had meant to direct his to Eiko, but saying her name would've taken valuable split seconds. He should've been ready. He had been ready: adrenaline had built up over the encounter and it had allowed for an explosive burst of energy to carry him forward in an unpracticed tackle.

He shouldn't have been ready. Adrenaline or no, it felt wrong.
React first. Think later. Lives hang in the balance. That includes my own.
That didn't matter. What mattered was making sure Lucas wasn't going to end up riddled in bullet holes. Because if he did, it would all be Peter's fault. All his fault that someone died and someone became a killer. A real killer. Peter didn't want in any part of that, but that wouldn't be his choice.

God, dead end scenarios sucked.

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Rest in peace

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