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The faceless fear
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While Sarah was not completely happy with Brendan's choice to move under his own power, she had been sufficiently distracted with the day's events not to complain too much. Sarah kept herself busy, willing images of the violence wrought in front of her from her mind by keeping her body busy. If the two that travelled with her knew her very well, they would note that she was more out of touch with reality than normal.

By nightfall, Sarah was pretty much exhausted. She’d fallen asleep as soon as her body stopped moving, a tremendous frown on her face and her teeth grinding quite loudly as her mind subconsciously ran her through the events of the day. In one of her more fretful moments, she’d cuddled up to Stacy, clinging onto the other girl for dear life, but relaxing soon after.

“Nhmm..” She murmured as Stacy shook her awake, “Nuh... ‘leepy...”

She rubbed her eyes as she woke, yawning loudly and peering blearily over at Brendan. Slowly, her eyes trailed down his body until she saw the massive amounts of bleeding from his leg, the bandage dangling limply from it. Instantly, her expression changed from a sleepy little girl to that of a professional.

“Brendan. Lie down. Stacy, sit on his waist and lift his leg.” She snapped quickly, “We’re going to have to wash it out again and it will definitely need stitches now. I hope we’re not too late. Are you feeling any lightheadedness at all, Brendan?”
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