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"I've got an idea..." Cisco suddenly said, his enthusiasm limited by his hushed voice, "I'll toss my vinyl at them. That'll show them we don't mean any harm yet."

Joe blanched. The only words that he could summon to his mind were "oh," "fuck" and "no." The air seemed to freeze as he looked on, horrified, at what Cisco was fixing to (totally inadvertently) do to the people they had barely even met.

"It's a shame, this must be a limited edition print," Cisco noted.

How the fuck can someone be this oblivious!? That thing... oh my fucking... no. No. No. He's not serious. There's no way... Joe thought, frantic.

"But hell, I'm gonna die soon anyway," he added, "Nobody's gonna miss it." Joe stared at Cisco as the latter prepared to throw his sawblade like a discus, apparently totally clueless that he was holding a fucking sawblade.

"We don't want to hurt you either!" Cisco shouted. "I'll toss out my weapon, it's not that good!"

Cisco prepped to throw it, and Joe closed his eyes, not wanting to see the results of this action.

Cisco, you fucking idiot.
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