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Nick nodded in response to Teo’s strategy. It sounded just as good as any to him. He was having trouble thinking. It had been like that for him since they’d left the warehouse. Nick hadn’t been as cheerily conversational as he normally was during this past day. He kept thinking of his sister and his mom, his dog Dixie, Jessica. He was thinking about his girls. It broke his heart to imagine them, but he couldn’t stop.

You’ll never see them again.

Don’t say that. Don’t.

You probably won't.

I will! I just have to want it most. I can try. I really want to. I miss them. It’s been three days and I miss them. It feels like it’s been three years.

He reached into his pocket and put on some chap stick. It was almost a nervous habit. Teo went one way and Nick decided to go the other way, coming at the two from a different angle. He stalked to another nearby carnival booth and when he heard Teo come out, he approached them, trying his best to imitate his own jaunty walk that he’d had in regular life.

“Hi Jay!” he called out. “Hi…..hockey stick girl!”

Nick stayed far enough back so that he could use the booth for cover if Jay began shooting. His hunga munga was still grasped tightly in his hands, but kept low near his belt.
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