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[[Jimmy Brennan continues from The Only Way is Up ]]

Jimmy Brennan wanted to kill something.

No, not something.

He wanted to kill everything.

He wanted to kill Danya, for putting him in such a sick, twisted game. He wanted to kill his classmates, for making him afraid, making him Jimmy Brennan "The Pussy". Most of all, he wanted to kill his parents for having the fucking gall to give birth to him in the first place.

Jimmy stumbled through the forest, his feet red and bloody, his socks torn through. Somehow late on the first night, after collapsing from exhaustion, Jimmy had lost his shoes. He had no idea how he had done it, and knowing that he was being watched by cameras 24/7 he hadn't spent too long looking for them. He had no intention of looking like a complete idiot on live TV so he simply left the clearing, hoping anyone watching would simply assume he had meant to leave his shoes behind. Jimmy only truly realized the absolute stupidity of this decision on the next day, when he'd cut his right foot on a sharp branch. Not being well versed in medicine, he'd initially tried to band-aid the cut back together. Failing this, he wrapped a cloth around his foot, which he likewise lost a few hours later.

He had no map. He had no idea where anything was. His weapon was a can of soda. His feet were aching and bleeding, and he was angry and sleep deprived. His pants, which he hadn't bothered to change since the first day, smelt like piss. And somewhere along the way, Jimmy's wall of denial had faltered and he realized that Leila had probably just been fucking with him all along. It didn't stop him from getting a raging boner thinking about her, but it had blown his last ditch effort at self respect out the window. The only upside he could find was that he hadn't encountered anyone since the mountain. With no one encountered, that meant there was no one to kill him. Jimmy reasoned this was a very good thing.

Everyone on the Island hated him, good guy or bad guy it made no difference. He was Jimmy Brennan to them, a coward, a pussy and a liability. He wasn't even worth wasting a bullet on. That's what made him angry the most. He WAS worth it. Sure, he had done some stupid things in his day, but he had changed. He was hardcore, would always BE hardcore. He wasn't a coward, he wouldn't go down without a fight. And he would prove that before he was done, that he vowed. Win or lose, Jimmy Brennan would fight like a dog and earn some respect.

The announcements hadn't exactly been as bad as Jimmy thought they'd be. Having next to no friends, he wasn't moved by any of the deaths. He even found himself smiling in delight at times when a certain student was listed.

Paige Strand, that asshole Jacob's girlfriend, had been shot to death. As far as Jimmy was concerned, it served her right for being such a huge fucking bitch. That disgusting fat-ass Harold had been killed as well, and frankly Jimmy was happy he'd at least lived longer than him. As the names went on and on, Jimmy began to get more excited rather then fearful. How many students had been on the trip? It couldn't be long until there was just a few remaining. Maybe he could make it, maybe he COULD survive.

Survival was something Jimmy thought about often. He'd mostly put himself down as "As good as dead", but regardless he couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he got his hands on a gun. He'd definitely fuck some shit up, but could he make it? No one had actually attacked him yet, unbelievable as it was. Waiting for death, expected or otherwise was a shitty strategy he figured. His only objective was survival, and with each name he could feel himself getting closer to his goal.

Trudging through the forest, lost in his thoughts, Jimmy didn't register the lack of trees until he was standing smack dab in the middle of a clearing. He cursed and momentarily sat down on a stump, bringing up his right foot to take a better look at it. For the most part, it looked clean. He supposed that was a good thing. It hurt like a bitch, which he figured was a bad thing. Jimmy opened his bag and began to dig around for a water bottle, or something to clean the wound. Coming up empty handed, he fell back onto the stump, stretching. It felt good to stretch.

Damn, how much longer 'til the next announcement? How many more've been killed? Fucking shit, this is boring, all this waiting. I guess that's a good thing... Don't wanna get used to excitement, not without a fucking weapon...

Pulling himself up he scanned the immediate surroundings, something he figured he should have done in the first place. Jimmy often found himself making such strategic blunders, but it hadn't resulted in anything bad thus far. Squinting in the growing darkness, Jimmy saw nothing at first... and then, just like that, he spotted them. Two very tall trees, moving. Moving? Trees don't move. People then.

"Shit!" he cried out loud, falling off the stump into the dirt. He had no idea if they'd spotted him. He didn't want to check. Twisting around, Jimmy looked frantically about him for a means of escape.


Why the fuck would I leave the fucking forest!? What the fuck Jimmy! Pull the fuck together!

Risking a glance up, Jimmy saw the two figures hadn't moved. Much more intriguing, he could see another figure slowly approaching them. What was it? An ambush?

Fucking shit, is someone gonna get murdered!?

Jimmy wiggled his way forward through the dirt on his chest, trying to make as little noise as possible. Hauling himself up behind a stump he observed the figures, watching for any sign of violence. He could feel his heart pumping fast, but it wasn't from fear. He grinned to himself as he watched the scene.

Damn, I'm a cold one... I'm like a fucking Vulture, waiting for the leftovers... hehehehhh
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