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She’d agreed to a truce. How long it would last, Ethan couldn’t say. They hadn’t exactly ironed out the details, but now didn’t seem like a good time for negotiations. This time she initiated the kiss and he pushed back against her wholeheartedly. He drank her in hungrily and took hold of her shoulders, trying his best not to squeeze where he felt the texture of gauze. Holding her brought a rush of heat to his face and all of the sudden she was gone again. Now she was whispering, he swallowed. Ethan could feel her breath against his ear.

“I don’t like coffee,” he said in a hurried tone. “But for you I’d empty out a Starbucks and then lick the machines after.”

His mind was moving a mile a minute, thoughts zooming around like still photographs being thrown at him. Gradually though, they seemed to be fading away, replaced with just the girl in front of him. He slid his hands down from her shoulders to her torso, sliding until his fingers curled under the bottom of her shirt.

Okay. So today hasn't been all bad.
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