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Was he telling the truth?
Of course he isn't, everyone will paint themselves as the good guy, the person that "had to do what they had to do".
Yeah, but that didn't rule out the fact that he probably was attacked. In that sort of situation, shoot first and ask questions later would keep you alive.
In a game like this, it's practically encouraged. Face it, you'd probably do it as well.
...wait, who's side are you on now?
And you just said something that would make me try to help him.
Wait, really? Goddamnit, get the fuck out of here, Mr. Nice Bunny, you're not needed here.
So, what are we doing?
I dunno, it's your call.
...and here I was thinking you had gone evil on me.

Looking into Alex's eyes, he nodded. "Three conditions. One: You follow my rules. Run, hide, defend, whatever. And two: Get rid of the goddamn chainsaw, you look like a crappy horror villain." Getting up, he buckled his backpack back on. "And three: you have to convince Chase as well."

Without another word, he started to walk, following Anna's tracks.

[[Ben Powell continued in Wind in the Willow]]
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