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Quicker than he realized, Feo was now pretty much in his lap, both thighs on either side of him. She gently pushed his glasses back up his face and laid it down on the line.

“I don’t want to kill you, but it might happen when we get down to the wire. Neither of us is stupid and we both know this isn’t gonna end with the two of us looking back at this rock while we float away on the winner’s boat and hold hands, but I wasn’t lying. I do like you,” he said, surprising himself with the truth.

Ethan closed the gap to her and turned his head slightly to the right, fitting their lips together like puzzle pieces. For a second during the contact, all he could hear was the happy crackling of the small fire pit next to them. He pulled back slightly, separating them.

“Truce?” he asked sternly.
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