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((Rekka Saionji continued from Just Close Your Eyes.))

Rekka knew what he had to do. If he wanted to draw strength from that image kept in his head of the gangsters that he loved to watch on that silver screen so much, he needed a weapon like them. He knew seeing Dawne's body was going to hurt; so in the interest of saving the waning sanity he still had left, made a point to avoid the greens. On his brief run, the tennis courts came into his line of sight in the distance.

He couldn't hold on. He had no idea what mangled, pained fashion Dawne's now lifeless body sat in. But just the image his mind conjured up made him sick to his stomach. So sick in fact, that in front of thousands of people back home in the states, watching him right at this very moment, he threw up. Directly on a camera that happened to be notched in the branches of a tree, in fact. While he had made a point to not follow the beach for fear of running into anyone in-particular, he still skated between the beach and the greens, just close enough to see either with a quick turn of his head.

"I think I probably should have dealt with the people..."

But no, he couldn't stop now. Dawne was dead, and she was probably looking down on him; now that she was thinking with a clear head (so to speak), she must have wanted him to live on for her. Either that, or by now she was just life force. Or something. The young Saionji had never spent any real time thinking about religion or what comes after death; usually too busy working with his family on some project or another to bother. But now, it was just comforting to think that Dawne was looking down on him from some sort of heaven, free of pain, mental or otherwise.

Yeah, whether he actually believed that or not, that was sure as hell what he was going to tell himself.

Either way, he knew he had to press on. He needed something to defend himself. ASAP. Who knows, maybe he could jam the bullets he was carrying into whatever gun he found.

The rest of the walk had been (thankfully) uneventful. A quick glance at his map told him he was heading straight for the fun fair, and while he doubted the terrorists would leave any kind of supplies whatsoever, there was no point in at least trying. However, as he crested a hill and the ferris wheel and other amusement park rides came into view, the situation looked a solid bit more grim than he would have liked. There was what appeared to be a shimmering puddle of something, as the light reflected off of it as he shielded his eyes. Probably blood. He didn't want to get any closer, but he was already running low on food and he needed a pit stop one way or the other. Shaking his head briefly, he looked around to assess the situation.

A pair of people climbing onto the carousel, and then a good distance away, another trio. Sneaking up, talking about something. Now one of them was talking to the other two.

The last thing Rekka needed now was to be seen and get in the middle of what could end up being a hell of a firefight. At the very least, one of those approaching had something that he was brandishing like a weapon.

Rekka hit the dirt, pushing his fedora's brim low down over his face in an effort to block the sun and that damned reflection out of his eyes. What the hell could be making that anyways?
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