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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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Josée studied Katelyn's expression, she seemed very distressed, she had no idea what Katelyn was planning on saying, perhaps Remy should be the one to talk to them.

"Just say to them... uh... you know. We're armed, but we're not willing to attack anyone. Or if you want I could... you know, say it myself?"

He was even offering, surely Katelyn would see sense. Josée hadn't noticed that her nervousness was starting to show as she she eyeballed the trembling Katelyn from her tree. Nonetheless, she could take it no longer and if Katelyn wasn't going to say anything then she would have to go and do it herself. She left her hiding place and began to quickly march up to her, ready to take the microphone out of her hand, but before she could. Katelyn spoke:

"Uh, hi. It's Katelyn. With a 'K'."

Josée stopped in her tracks and stared at her, wondering what she was going to do next.

"We're not fighting! We won't hurt you! We might even be able to help!"

Josée wasn't sure if she had picked the best words. It was all well and good to try and make peace with these people, but what if they saw them as weak and decided to kill the three of them. It was ironic that what seemed like the sensible option was actually one of the riskiest. But what was said was said, all they could do now, was wait for a response.

"Good... Good job Katelyn." Josée said to Katelyn as she stood by her side and patted her nervously on the shoulder. She took a deep breath in and waited.
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