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"You think I'm useless, you son-of-a-bitch!"

Oh, so that was why.

Looking back, Harun couldn't exactly see how he'd managed to give Rashid that impression. Sure, the island had already made him somewhat more impatient and a bit less sensitive than he was before, but Harun would have remembered it if he'd told one of his friends they were useless. And he definitely hadn't done that.

Maybe Rashid was reading between the lines (like English teachers always said to do when they were preparing you to write an essay on some overrated book) and coming to false conclusions? That was a possibility. Or maybe Rashid was just paranoid as fuck. And, considering the situation they were in, Harun couldn't really blame him. But Rashid was still wrong. The truth was pretty simple; Harun really appreciated the company and the support Rashid was offering, especially in a situation where most people ran away at the first hint of trouble (or alternatively tried to kill you.)

Which meant that he was quite irritated with Rashid doing what Harun saw as putting words in his mouth.

"Listen, Rashid", Harun muttered, moving the swordgun to a less hostile position by his side, as he prepared to come up with suitable words to calm Rashid down. "I didn't mean to imply you were useless. To be honest, I really appreciate you sticking by me in this place. That means a lot to me. And...you made a mistake, I won't lie. But...frankly....I need you to get through this with me. We can't turn on each other, or else Danya's won. And Danya's a shithead who doesn't deserve to win...so...erm...let's get you back up on your feet." He reached out with his shaky free hand, hoping that Rashid would take it and that his words hadn't aggravated Rashid even more.
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