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"Danya is a classy guy. Klassy with a 'k.'."

Ethan started eating his marshmallows more quickly now that they were cooling.

“Thanks. I am pretty smart,” he said, beaming. It was his greatest point of pride after all. He wasn’t super athletic nor was he artistic or especially charismatic, but he was smart. Enough that those things he didn’t have didn’t matter as much.

He smirked to himself when she moved to lean against him, but all the same a little shiver ran through out him where she made contact. It settled down into comforting warmth between the two of them. It was strangely affectionate for the situation, which made his smirk soften slightly into a plain smile.

“Girls I like…” he said, trying to think. He slid the remaining pieces of his marshmallow off of the stick and popped them into his mouth. “I like fun girls. I’m not a super serious guy, so if a girl can have fun then she’s cool by me. Also, they can’t be annoying, asking questions every five seconds, or screaming all the time or trying to drag me to chick flicks. Sometimes I’ll put up with that shit if the girl is super hot, but she’s gotta be a real piece to go through that, and even then, I wouldn’t stick around long if they grate on me too much. That being said, I like cute girls, obviously. I like driven girls. I like….girls that can play the sax…” he said, smiling again.

He set the stick aside and looked down at her to see what her reaction would be. Ethan wanted to push his glasses up, they were sliding down his nose a bit, but he didn’t want to move and disturb her position.
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