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The kid, whoever he was, didn't seem to be overly bothered by their complete and utter lack of acceptance. Helen was relieved that she'd shown up when she had and apparently not looked too scary, and also felt a small amount of pride that she hated herself for. Still, her inner child was going they liked me and not you, neener neener neener! In their ignoring of the boy, Dave turned and asked her a question.

"Oh, You played in the band, Helen? How'd that one end?"

Helen smiled, vaguely fond memories flooding back to her.

"They realised I couldn't really play very well and encouraged me to find interests elsewhere," she said with a shrug. The story wasn't entirely true, in actuality she'd just stopped going when she herself had realised she wasn't very good and there were new freshmen playing at a standard several grades above her. It was a pride saving thing. But nobody here needed to know about her utter lack of ability to be less than perfect at anything. Plus the false story was funnier. "It was fine though-"

Just then the boy they had previously shunned started stalking his way towards the noise behind them, which Helen had been trying to ignore, worrying (in a not very serious way) that Izzy, Dave and Charlie would actually kill this one based on their dramatic decline of acceptance levels. The boy had a tire iron; Helen was relieved he hadn't felt a need to bring it out previously. He was walking slowly. Helen watched him for a couple of paces then turned back to the other three.

"I cannot begin to describe how much I hope there's noone in there..." she said wistfully.
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