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Marty felt really stupid at that moment...

Barely seconds after he had finished his panicked rant, Aston then went off into her own overwhelming tirade which left him utterly speechless. Never, not even back at that lameass school he used to go to, had he EVER pissed somebody off as much as he had at that very moment. The sheer ferocity of Aston's retort literally stunned him, and left him with a mixed feeling of awkwardness, fear, embarrassment... But most of all, at that moment he felt disappointed.

Because if there was one point she made that was spot on, it was the fact that he was acting like a complete crybaby. Jesus, she's right... What the hell kind of guy freaks the hell out just because he's surrounded by a bunch of girls?!? My god, I must have looked like such a spa - WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING TO MY TENT!?!

Before he even had the chance to complain, Aston had already gone ahead and kicked his tent right over, only to then pick up his bag and chuck that in the direction of the sea as well.

"Woah woah, Jesus! My stuff!" he complained, only for Aston to reply with a series of profane insults. Crap! What the hell am I supposed to do now?!? You've gotten yourself into a really fucked up situation now, haven't you Mart...

"Everyone, shut the fuck up and calm down!"



He stood still for an entire second before falling flat on his face, the blow from Michelle's crowbar knocking him out stone cold. He didn't even have the opportunity to consider what had just happened as he lay motionless on the sand, unconscious as a stone...

And Joshua was standing there, a few metres away from Chase, having witnessed the entire thing as he rushed to aid his best friend.


The tall would-be rocker lifted up his gun, instinctively aiming at the girl who had just potentially killed his closest buddy in the whole world.

No! No no, not again! I can't let this happen again! Especially not to Marty!

"ST... STAY AWAY FROM HIM! DROP IT, NOW!" he shouted, tears freely running down his cheeks. He couldn't remember the last time he'd ever been as angry with someone, or something for that matter, as much he was at that one moment in time, when it looked as though Marty J. Lovett, the same guy he'd spent the past few days looking for, had just been murdered outright.

Oh god... Oh god Marty, PLEASE be okay! Oh god......
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