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[[Jasper-Declan MacDermott continued from Pearl and Destiny]]

They'd gotten separated. Who knew how, but they had.

They'd been walking, that was certainly so, walking- where? Jasper-Declan didn't know. He wasn't paying much attention to direction, to the map, to the compass- he paid attention to the slowly setting sun, but only to admire the orange tint it gave their surroundings. But they were walking, the three of them together- him and his newfound friends allies, George and Carly. Walking away from that...situation, for lack of a better word, back at the warehouse. I wonder, perhaps, if George felt that same sense of...of being ignored, as I did. That spoiled feeling, perhaps it wasn't only myself. Or perhaps it was and I just wish for someone else to share the feeling to make myself feel a tad bit less...


No matter.

At any rate.

They were walking, essentially forward, forward, ever forward, and suddenly they found themselves in a town. A small town, a...he cringed even thinking the word quaint town, but it still was not anywhere Jasper-Declan wanted to be. Towns meant people, likely lots of people, and people, in a game like Survival of the Fittest, meant conflict and danger and possible/probable death. Though the sense of loneliness that had been nagging him practically since he'd started in this game, since he'd felt that keen sense of rejection from the boys on the beach, or more probably, since that moment he'd realized he was going to die-

He shook his head. Not allowed to go down that path again.

-despite all that, he didn't want to be anywhere near anyone else. George and Carly, they helped. The presence of people who...didn't necessarily like him, that was too much to ask, but at least trusted him, at least needed him, that helped a lot. Gave him another reason, a good one, to keep himself alive.

He was thinking about that- and he was thinking about the sunset lights on the town's rooftops, and how different the architecture was from that back home, and just where were they, anyway? and where were these people who lived here, all dead now, perhaps? had they had to leave, were they forced from their home by the terrorists and Danya? or perhaps they were simply all killed-

And sometime during that train of thought, George had disappeared.

No, disappeared was the wrong word. Disappeared implied that they had no idea where he had gone. Presumably he had wandered off on his own, gotten distracted by something and gone off to investigate. The question was, what to do about it? Too much time spent wandering in this town would undoubtedly result in some discovered problem-in-progress, and Carly was certainly in no position to defend herself. So they agreed to wait for a bit- wait for George to come wandering back.

He did not. And so what could they do but move on?

They wandered some more, not stopping but with no destination in mind. Jasper-Declan ate a few crackers during the walk, at some point remembering that eating is in fact an important human function, but was otherwise quiet. He couldn't think of much to say, and anyway his mind was quite busy taking in the surroundings.

Those surroundings changed every moment. The town fell behind them and eventually disappeared into the distance as they found themselves on some sort of road. Most people would follow the road- in any other circumstance that would only be logical- but Jasper-Declan would not do so. Roads led to people. And so he veered off absent-mindedly to the right, grateful that Carly, at least, didn't question him.

And now the light was truly fading, the last reds disappearing from view, replaced with cold blue. He watched the light disappear on the horizon, fascinated, and even more fascinating was the starlight that followed. The sky outside the city lights...it's truly an inspiring sight.

The same could not be said for their more immediate surroundings. Jasper-Declan realized, looking around, that he had stumbled into a wasteland of tree stumps, a sad graveyard of sorts. He felt truly upset for a moment, upset that something that was likely once beautiful was now long since dead and gone, and he wore a pained expression. But that moment passed quickly, and he put it behind him- the sky was more than enough in the way of beauty, and besides, the ugliness of this place would make it unattractive to others.

He turned to Carly. It was truly very dark, and Jasper-Declan supposed this was as good a place to stop as any. Perhaps it was a good time to get some sleep- did he need sleep? He didn't feel tired, not in the least, but it occurred to him that he hadn't slept in days. Perhaps sheer adrenaline kept him awake, adrenaline or insomnia, but to him these days just felt so short.

The nights, though, ran long. Strange for summer, but what wasn't strange nowadays?

"Is this an agreeable campsite for the night...?" he asked politely. After all, she, at least, would likely want to rest.
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