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Alex let out a small sigh of relief at the news she got from Simon, but instantly wanted more. Why didn’t he know more? Did he know you had to keep an eye on Roman? She was ready to pump him for more information when a sneeze and Jessica suddenly apologizing caught her attention. She turned around and couldn’t hide a smile at the scene before her.

“Wow Jess, way to show that all we wanted was to have breakfast,” she said stepping towards her friend. “Maybe we should put the rifle down before anything else gets injured.”

She put her hand cautiously on the rifle and pushed it down so it was pointing to the ground. She then turned and looked on in amazement in the change in Rob. “Good thinking,” she whispered to Jessica over her shoulder.

Suddenly at a loss for what to do next she shifted from one foot to another. “Look Jess, I know we were supposed to eat, but I was thinking that maybe if we head over to the Hall of Mirrors that we could figure out where Roman has gone. We could always eat on the way,” she said fixing Jessica with a pleading expression. “What do you say?”
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