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((Jimmy Robertson continued from Dirty))

Jimmy was following a little ways behind Alan, with a hint of a smile for the first time in three days - he had found allies: like-minded people who wouldn't mind just getting along. Of course, there were slight problems - Jimmy had found a map on the ground - possibly belonging to either Brock or Deidre, but he couldn't be sure (in fact, it did in fact belong to Brock, at least, for the next few minutes). Either way, it would be good to know that Brock had his map, as it wouldn't be very nice for Brock to get lost should they have to part ways. He was thinking about just who else would join them when he noticed Alan coming towards him.

"Run back, run back." He looked desperate, like he had just seen someone get beheaded or something.

""What? Why? What's wrong Alan?"


"What the ..."

"That's the problem." Alan started to run back as fast as he could, practically pushing Jimmy back to the edge of the mine.

We're in trouble. Big trouble. We've found our enemy, our assailant, our-" Jimmy reassuringly put his hand on Alan's shoulder, and he seemed to respond well to it, calming down.

"Alan. Stay here. I'm going to check it out. If I'm not back here in seven minutes, get out of here. If anyone attacks, yell." Jimmy walked toward the source of the shot, trying to stay quiet, unnoticed, yet quick and light.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Jimmy walked back to where he had heard the shot, and then walked a little bit further to see ...

See, I told you. It was bound to happen sooner or later. It was Brock. Strike that. Brock's body. There was blood everywhere, emanating from a hole in his chin, and a from larger one that had taken off most of the top of his head. It wasn't that part which really scared him.

The rifle. It was taped to Brock's body, and his hands taped to what could only be the trigger. And sitting by him, as calm as could be, was a girl. Acting like this was all no, never mind to her. Sarah Atwell. She'd been the one around school with a camera, creating some sort of video yearbook.

Again, I told you, she's given in. (SHUT UP! She's just ... she's scared is all.) Yeah. She's so scared. So scared that she took a sniper rifle and forced Brock to pull the trigger on himself. Face it, baby. She's playing to win. Jimmy just threw caution to the wind and ran out of there, back towards Alan, and hopefully safety.

"We need to get out of here. Sarah Atwell's down there. She's killed Brock and if she sees us, we're next." Any vestige of optimism was gone from his voice. They were in legitimate trouble

Do you think you can do it? Do you think you can bring yourself to fight her to save Alan? Or yourself? (I don't know)
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