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((Actually, it was your turn to post all the time, decoy :P))

Deep inside his mind, Rob actually hoped, that the annoying guy will try to do something stupid, after Rob told him to leave. He was still really pissed off, and a good beating could solve all his problems right there. As it turned out though, it wasn't necessary, as someone completely unexpected somehow managed to punish Milo (as it turned out to be his name) much better than Rob ever imagined.

At first, Rob stared dumbfounded at the situation. It just seemed so... Bizarre. One second he's shouting at the guy, and the in a flash, the guy has a tranquilizer dart... In his nutsack?

So, that rifle actually shoots tranquilizers. Well, that's good to kn- OMG THAT'S HILARIOUS!

Robert exploded, but this time in a positive way. Suddenly, all the tension, bad mood, and a brief recall of his past deeds on the island, all went out to meet the outside world in a nice, big package of laughter, leaving his soul clean for a moment, and making him forget about the game for a while. In fact, Rob found the situation so hilarious, he almost fell on the ground from the laughter.

"Oh... Oh my..." He tried to catch some breath after his outburst, before standing up and sending a (giant) thumb up to the girl. "That was great. I just wanted to hit him in the face, that's all, but your idea is way better. Next time warn me before firing, though..."

Still laughing, Rob took a few steps back, then sat down and opened his daypack for some spare bread, as Milo started screaming. Comedy gold was happening right before his eyes, but that doesn't mean his stomach forgotten about it's demands.

As he munched the bread, Milo started... Fading away, as Rob guessed. The annoying guy just stood there, and stared. What was worse, he stared exactly at the redhead. At first, Rob just passed it as something normal for someone who just got shot with a tranquilizer, but it became a little bit unsettling after a few minutes. When Rob was ready to change position to see, if the guy stared at him, or just happened to look in a random direction, the guy finally opened his mouth.

"Oh my god, you're Mecha-Bigfoot!"

Wait, what?

It looked like the guy was still on high, as the words he spoken made no sense whatsoever. Then again, nothing which came out from Milo's mouth made sense so far, so maybe he was back to his normal self? Rob decided not to dwell on that subject. He couldn't pass up answering the guy, though.

"Mecha-Bigfoot?" Rob smiled a little. "Seriously? That's lame, dude. I really do hope it won't become my NBA nickname, when I'll be back in the states."
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