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Ericka lowered her weapon and listened to Lucas' ramblings. Clearly he didn't trust her, or Peter, or the other girl, or anybody else for that matter, but he was still unwilling to kill. Someone who was unwilling to kill, but also unwilling to trust wouldn't have a long lifespan on this island.

"Why would Danya tell the truth?" Ericka voiced the question that Lucas had implied, "It's true that Danya says whatever makes people more willing to kill, but a story of self-defense never does that... unless." She paused, "If Danya thought the story would teach us a lesson that would potentially create a higher body count he'd be willing to tell the truth.

"Look, you're obviously convinced I'm a player, right? And you didn't aim your weapon away from me until you noticed you were surrounded, so I'm guessing you don't trust those two either. I understand the feeling, every time I've come across another person on this island I've been in danger, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to what others are saying. And not every player is a rabid predator who will try to kill everyone they meet."

She turned to walk behind behind the tree and retrieve her bag, but then stopped and turned back toward the others.

"Oh, before I go I should probably make sure you're aware of what Danya was trying to teach us by telling the truth about my kill shouldn't I? The message required us to know that Frankie was the attacker, and it was simply this; If you try to kill someone, make sure you can follow through."

Upon ending her explanation, Ericka raised her gun towards Lucas and opened fire.
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