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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Alan Rickhall continued from Dirty))
((All GMing of Jimmy Robertson approved by decoy73))

It was always hard to navigate round the island, Alan was never very good at map reading, he would normally only pick up a map in a last resort situation; which is exactly what he had to resort to when he lost track of Brock. It was humiliating to admit, but at one point during their travellings Alan had tripped and nearly fell into a river, he hadn't noticed that the river was there when he turned to give a nervous joke to Jimmy, but he certainly realised it was there when he nearly toppled into it; thank goodness he fell the other way instead when he realised.

He knew that Brock was somewhere nearby, he had to have been, he couldn't have gone far, but then a mine was a very easy place to get lost in and the last thing that Alan wanted was for he and Brock to be wandering around the same mine trying to look for each other, that would be a bit unproductive. He was alone, Jimmy was quite a bit behind him, so Alan was pretty much by himself, unguarded. Alan had plans for Brock, that is if he decided to join Alan's movement, he didn't want to force anyone just yet... What was he saying, he didn't want to force anyone, but if this plan was going to work, Alan would have to push some people around. Nevermind, he would get to that decision later, right now he had to find Brock.

And he did find him, although Alan wished that he hadn't. He really really wished that he hadn't. The scene that Alan was presented with was what he could only describe as some sort of sick torture ritual; Alan had waited nervously for his first encounter with 'The Turned' (A name that he had thought of as he was travelling) and now he had, but he never expected to have been thrown this far into the deep end. Alan didn't know what to do, he didn't want to watch, he was in danger, horrible danger. Brock was being tortured to death. But his tortures couldn't be human, they didn't look human in the low light anyway. They were toying with Brock, he was finished, but Alan had to save himself and more importantly, Jimmy.

He turned back the way he came and silently sprinted down the mine; he met with Jimmy a small while down the tunnel. "Run back, run back." Alan whispered urgently.

"What? Why? What's wrong Alan?" Jimmy whispered back. A loud gunshot echoed through the tunnel.

"That's the problem." Alan almost started to push Jimmy back the way they had came until they had made it out the cave, Alan pushed round the corner, away from the mouth of the cave. Then another thought crossed Alan's mind, what if one of the torturers had heard him running, he was sure he hadn't made a sound, or at least he thought he was. If he hadn't, he had put both his and Jimmy's life in Jeopardy! For a brief moment Alan thought of the giant knife, sitting casually on Jimmy's back, it was just a brief thought.

"We're in trouble. Big trouble." Alan was still whispering "We've found our enemy, our assailant, our-" Jimmy grabbed Alan by the shoulder to calm him down, Alan fell silent.
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