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((Sorry to break post order, but I'm a little scared that Simon's going inactive ...))

"You’ve seen Roman. You’re sure. Damn, I wish I had my phone there’s a picture of him. He’s okay though? I mean he had to be if you could go your separate ways? And did he leave first? Did you see which way he went?"

"He seemed okay to me. Someone called out to him. Had huge mustache, like Borat, and Roman responded to it. He left when ..."

Ah-choo! Crack. Simon flinched as he looked down, to notice that his leg was fine. Then ...

"Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus, Milo, I am SO sorry!" The brunette had apparently fired her rifle when she had sneezed, and was now apologizing for it. He looked over to Milo, who now had a dart sticking out of his crotch. Simon just stared at the sight as Milo's screams turned into ... something, as Milo looked at the other guy with them, and then ...

"Oh my god, you're Mecha-Bigfoot!"

"Uh, what's up with him?" (As if that weren't obvious enough ...)
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