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Nathan said little when he was wrapping up Leila's foot. Occasionally murmering about when it would hurt. He could hear Jason trying his hardest to calm Brook down and Maf was being quiet as usual, though he hoped that he would come up with a plan as soon as possible.

Once he had finished treating the wound he stood up and put his hands togeather. His fingers were sticky with the mix of blood and solution. He heaved a heavy sigh and tried to wipe it onto the walls with minimal success.

Nathan was pleased with the job that he had done. He wasn't exactly the best when it came to playing the role of medic, but it would have to do for now. He had hoped for Leila to be a little more greatful but unfortunately she was being less than supportive. Not that he hadn't experienced that before at home.

Oh well...

Jason had chided Leila for not asking for footwear, which was in all honesty, quite reasonable. It wasn't smart to walk around when you have no protection. Still, he didn't need to be so rude about it all. Leila was probably just as afraid as poor Brook was at least. There was just a different way of dealing with it.

She started to say something but was silence by the flip-flops. Something Nathan was quite glad about, the last they needed was an argument here of all places.

"Calm down guys, just put the flip-flops on and lets get out of here. Maf you lead the wa-"

Nathan was interupted by the sound of someone else in the tunnels. He let out a low gasp unsure of what he was supposed to do. The guy didn't sound threatening, so maybe it would be fine. He lifted his head and stared out towards where it came from. There was a guy standing there, with his hands outstreached in defense. He gave a sigh of relief and stood up straight.

He was about to speak when Jason had took control. Jason turned to face him and nearly leaped backwards. The dude had pulled out a pistol and was pointing it straight at the newcomer. Maf had done so as well! What on earth were these two doing? There was no need to bring out the gun! They were going to end up killing someone at this rate!

Then Leila had to spice up everything once again. She was right of course, this new guy wasn't likely going to kill anyone, he had nothing threatening on him now, and it was plenty difficult to hide something bigger than a pistol, which would be better kept outside if he meant anything with it. That said, she didn't have to insult the guy, that was like asking for them to be shot if he did have something...

Maybe bringing her along was a mistake after all...

He tried to clear his throat in an attempt to stop the situation from getting out of hand.

"C'mon dude, lower the damn gun," he murmered to Jason and Maf, "Leila's right this dude's harmless..."

He flashed a smile, trying to reasure this mystery man that his buddies wouldn't riddle him with holes. A fact that he himself wasn't aware of right now and it frightened the hell out of him.

"Hey uh...dude...the name's Nathan..."

There was a long pause as he wasn't sure what to say next. Some negotiator he was...

"Um...we're not going to hurt you..."
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