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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Aislyn warily nodded as the other two girls agreed to the new game plan. They still seemed very…brittle. Brittle was a good word. As if the wrong word or gesture from her was going to shatter and destroy this fledgling partnership.

At Felicia's request, Aislyn dug through Samaya’s clothing, looking for the largest item. She straightened with a grunt as she found something suitable. Shaking out a sleeping shirt, she handed it to the other girl. “This is the biggest thing I could find. It should cover the most. We should probably weigh the edges down with rocks, so it doesn’t blow away or anything.”

Spotting the toe of a shoe sticking out of the small heap of clothing, Aislyn fought the urge to cry out. Pulling the shoe out, she eagerly dug around until she found the other. Smiling gleefully as she sat down, she quickly stripped the shoelaces out of the shoes. Gathering up one of the spare t-shirts, Aislyn tugged and tugged until she split the shirt at the seams.

Having torn the shirt into two pieces connected only by the v-shaped collar, she set about removing the neck of the shirt and ripping it in two. Carefully folding each half of the shirt into roughly foot-sized pieces, with some trial and error, Aislyn managed to secure the pads to the soles and sides of her feet by using the neck and shoelaces to tie the material in place.

Cautiously climbing to her feet, Aislyn took her new make-shift shoes out for a test drive. She could still feel rocks and other objects through the material, but she was less likely to be jabbed in the foot by some foreign object. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was something.

The shoe issue dealt with, she turned back to the piles. Humming to herself while moving decisively, Aislyn picked up the darkest hoodie sweater Samaya owned and tied the hands of each sleeves closed before zipping it up. She grabbed the drawstring in the hood and pulled it as tightly closed as she could. Satisfied with the results, she put half the food and all but one of the water bottles into the sleeves and body of the jacket.

Holding the jacket by its bottom hem, Aislyn paced about, trying to find a good hiding spot. Along the edge of clearing she spotted a gap in a small group of bushes. Still holding the jacket upside down, Aislyn shoved the jacket into the space, leaving it looking wadded up. Hopefully, if someone else found it, they would just dismiss it as a discarded piece of clothing. She repeated the process with a pair of pants and the first aid kit, map, and compass.

Feeling relieved that they now had a back-up store, Aislyn gathered up the remaining food and offered it to Melissa. “If you’d like to carry it, you can. I’m gonna keep the flashlight if that’s okay with you. If you want, we can split this food and each take some, that way, if any one of us loses are supplies we don’t lose everything.”

Picking up the single unpacked water bottle, she opened it and poured some of the water into her mouth, making sure she did not touch her lips to the bottle. Swallowing slowly, savoring the drink, Aislyn tipped the bottle towards Samaya in salute. 'May flights of angels sing you to your rest, Samaya. God speed.'

She mutely held the bottle out to Melissa and Felicia, inviting them to share the drink with her.

“I don’t want to be any bigger of a bad guy, but we’re going to have to get moving. We should try to find a secure location to hole up in for a little while, so we can sleep and eat with at least some security. I’m thinking we should hit up the residential area, or maybe head towards the fun fair. There’s bound to be some buildings we could use around there.”

Pulling out her map and compass, she tried to orient herself in the proper direction. “I know we’re all tired and hurting but remember, we only have to make it until help gets here. Then we’ll be okay.” Stowing her equipment, she took the opportunity to throw some of Samaya’s clothes around. ‘That way, anyone who comes will think everything’s already been taken and will move on, leaving our stuff secure.’

Gathering her bag, her stick and her rock, Aislyn set out.

((Aislyn McCreery continued in Can't I Just Die A Disney Death))

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