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((OOC: Fioriboy....that...was...pure...BADASS!))

This was the decision. Daniel bit his lip anxiously as he loaded up his gun for what might be the final time. This guy...he's just murdering us left right and centre...It can't be allowed to continue. I'll take down this motherfucker no matter what. Raising his gun, Daniel took careful aim and made his first round of attack.

Before Daniel could fire at him a second time, Maxwell quickly dashed from his spot and fired off two rounds from his pistol and another seven from his TEC-9 in Daniel's general direction. All of which missed, naturally, seeing as the recoil of firing both guns simultaneously meant that his already shaky aim sent every bullet wildly off-track. Not that Daniel's counter-attack fared any better, with all four of the shots he fired at Maxwell missing him and embedding themselves in the various trees that were scattered about. Rather then firing back, Maxwell continued on running through the woods, making sure that he didn't stay still long enough for him to be an easy target. Another bullet whizzed through the trees nevertheless, barely missing Maxwell's shoulder by a few inches.

Before long, the dark forest became the scene of an extended chase between the two. With Maxwell ducking a weaving through the woods as Daniel followed along in pursuit. He turned around and fired off another eight rounds from his TEC-9 to keep Daniel off-guard, but as before it failed to slow down the black-haired student who fired another two shots in his direction in retaliation.

Daniel panted as he fought to keep even with his enemy. Somewhere the student had disappeared into the woods and Daniel tried his best not to be seen. How many bullets had been fired? He felt frustrated that he hadn't been able to kill the stranger, but at the same time he felt relieved.

Those bullets fired...were just fired. They didn't strike another student.

"I could die just knowing that..." Daniel whispered, his thoughts going back to Lucy. He remembered trying to help her, trying to get her to go to the prom with him. She had been too scared of him. I'd probably scare her right now if she saw me right now...

There was movement in the woods. Daniel could see the student and finally recognized him. Maxwell!? Him of all people!?

"I'd like to see you try to dodge thi......"

Daniel took the initiative and pinned that bastard to the tree. "I think I did." Daniel retorted, not grinning or smiling from getting the upper hand. It was just grim determination that was written on his face. His head pounded with thoughts of stopping this student from taking more lives. It'll have to be by hand if this doesn't work...I don't know how many bullets I have left.

However, after being very briefly taken aback by the speed in which Daniel reacted, Maxwell's left hand quickly shot out and pushed Daniel's arm out of the way just as he pulled the trigger. They stood there for a moment, both surprised by the other's reactions before Maxwell finally headbutted Daniel out of the grapple. Both of the student's guns fell to the floor as Daniel stumbled back, only to grab his footing as moved forward and attempted to kick Daniel in the side of his chest. Before his kick could reach its target however, Daniel quickly grabbed a hold of Maxwell's leg and spinned him onto his back. He then attempted to stomp on Maxwell's chest, but luckily for the British student he managed to roll out of the way in time and get back onto his feet.

"You're good." Daniel breathed out as he took on his stance once more. "Why couldn't you have helped your fellow students? Why couldn't you use that strength for good!?"

"Well, okay, that didn't go down too well... Seems this is going to be a lot more interesting then I first anticipated." He said with a cocky grin, prompting Daniel to move forward and attempt his own kick which Maxwell easily dodged. They exchanged blows for a minute or so, dodging and blocking each other's strikes are they both attempted to breach the other's defense. On one occasions, Daniel attempted to capture Maxwell in a choker hold only to be pushed back and kicked in the chest for all his trouble.

The two circled each other for a moment, waiting for the other to strike first. They were both more tired and weary by this point, but nevertheless neither of them dropped their guard or showed a single sign of wariness. If anything, Maxwell felt more energized then ever, the adrenaline from before returning as he gave Daniel another confident half-smile. Eventually, Daniel broke the silence as he returned Maxwell's half-smile with a flurry of vicious blows. Most of which managed to break though his defense, ending with one final punch in the face which sent Maxwell stumbling into a nearby tree with a loud thud.

Daniel watched, confused when Maxwell looked absolutely pissed about the blood he spat out. The only thing he could think of was that the guy had been pretty much untouchable during the game and this was the wake up call for him. Maxwell had learned just now that he wasn't completely invulnerable. I wish I hadn't done that though. Wake up call or not, this guy will be more careful in the future rather than drunk and careless thinking he's invincible.

When Daniel attacked again, his fist met the tree instead of Maxwell. The pain rushed over him in a wave of heat as he fought not to scream obscenities. Instead, Daniel settled on biting his lip until it bled. He returned his concentration to kicking Maxwell's ass when suddenly he was hit by a relentless wave of attacks from the british student which climaxed with the roundhouse kick to the face.


The pain...That's all he could feel. Bruising hot pain...Licking his lips, Daniel tasted blood. I must look like a mess right now...Lucy...She'd definitely run from me right now...too...scary to look at.

"You know, I have to say. Ruining my best suit aside, that was actually rather fun. Its been a while since I've had the opportunity to spar with someone of more-or-less equal skill..." he said smugly, giving Daniel another kick to keep him down. "That being said, in the end you proved to be no better then any of the other sad sacks of tedium that seem to make up this island. Being skilled is one thing. Being clever enough to survive is something completely different..."

Maxwell stamped his foot down on Daniel's back, pinning him onto the floor as Maxwell leaned closer to whisper in his ear. "To tell you the truth, I'm actually quite disappointed it had to end this way. With those skills and that gun, you could have made yourself quite a force in this game. You may have even been able to remove some of the more dangerous members of the competion and save me the trouble of doing so myself! But instead of taking advantage of the opportunity lent to you on a silver platter, you had to go ahead and try to play the hero in a game where everybody in the end is out for themselves. And now, thanks to your ineptness, you're about to die alone and unloved in the middle of some godawful forest. Now THAT'S what I call a heroic death, if you ask me...

He stood up, lifting his foot from the helpless student before him. "Anyway, enough faffing about... Now where is that gun you so rudely knocked out of my grasp?"

Maxwell was turning away. This was his chance! Even if he were to die...He'd be okay with it. Daniel moved his head in a nod, accepting that fact. He would fight like he would die. That way, he'd go all out. If he fought to live, he'd die as he'd constantly be looking for a way out. Planting his hands on the forest floor, Daniel clenched his fist around the dirt and pushed himself up as if the fate of the students on the island were bearing down on his shoulders.

"Ah, there it is..."

Daniel stood up now. He took a deep breath and blew out loudly mocking the british student, "CHEERIO, MOTHERFUCKER!", and leaped onto his back.

Everything was a whirlwind now. Things had to end and end it Daniel would. His bloodied hands grasped at Maxwell's head, trying desperately to snap the students neck. Flashes of images went through his mind; playing the piano as Lucy played the flute...first arriving at his new foster home...practicing martial arts...and finally Lucy and him at the mall. This had to work! It had to!!

There was a loud bang. Pain erupted from his shoulder as Daniel realized he had just been shot in the shoulder. He fell backwards onto the ground, one hand grasping the wet wound and the other grasping for the gun that had fallen to the ground. I have to find it...I have to find it! Before...before....

"THATS IT! No more fun and games... I'm going to end this now you fucking SHIT!"

There it was! The gun!

"...Empty? EMPTY?!?

Just then, Daniel looked up to see the other gun being pointed at him. He almost smiled when Maxwell lunged at him and dug his fingers into his eye sockets. All Daniel could do was scream. He screamed and screamed. He would have preferred being shot!

"AUUUUGH!" He shot into the air blindly, emptying the gun of bullets. His other hand tried to pry Maxwell's away.


His world was going dark, literally. The bullet wound bled and bled...All he could see now was Lucy. His unrequited crush on her...He never had that chance to tell her or to show her...He had failed in that. However, as he laid there dying...there was a faint smile on his lips. For every bullet fired...a life was saved...

Enjoy the empty gun...tea drinking bastard...

((Daniel Blessing, DEAD))
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