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Wow. Yet again, Jennifer managed to fuck up pretty spectacularly and put her foot in her mouth. Marco had plenty of water to share, more than enough to give to Rhory, so Jennifer had just put Phil in an awkward spot without a good reason. At least Marco knew where they could go, so they wouldn't die of dehydration. That was good, or at least a little comfort.

Rhory drank some of the water, and seemed to perk up. That was a relief. Seeing someone else die in front of her was not exactly on Jennifer's list of priorities for the day. Sure, she could tell herself that corpses were just objects, that it made no difference in the long run, but that did nothing to erase the sickening sounds of skull on stone. Where was Nick now? Had he come to terms with his actions? Was he really going to follow through on his plans, and go after the other killers? Did it even matter? Jennifer found herself wishing, once again, that she had made different choices.

Then, the other guy came crashing out of nowhere. Alexander Seymour. British fellow. Rich, overprivileged guy, if Jennifer could recall correctly. She'd always had a negative bias towards him back at school, but she was so far past that here. He was a fellow human being, and he needed help. So, of course she would—

Phil grabbed her hand, before she could do anything. Grabbed it hard. It hurt, not badly, but it definitely hurt. Jennifer flinched for a second, entirely unprepared for the rough move. Had she done something wrong? Was Phil going to kill her?

The answers came quickly: yes to the first question, no to the second. Of course she'd done something wrong. She'd taken the lead at a bad time, had endangered herself and Phil, and had made an offer without consulting him. More than that, she was about to do so again, about to dive headlong into somebody else's problems, without a thought in the world for Phil, who was, after all, still injured. How fucking selfish could she be? A quick look around showed that there were more than enough people to help Alex. Marco had proved willing to be nice already. Jennifer could leave the newcomer safely with the others. Phil knew what he was doing. He'd seen way more of the ugly side of this game than she had. She just had to stick with him, and follow his lead. Let him make the decisions, and try to keep everyone as happy as possible.

She whispered back to him, "O-okay. You're, um, right. Sorry."
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