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Rashid felt like he was on a roll, at least for the five or six punches he could get in before Harun decided to fight back. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't exactly aware of the fact that Harun could even fight back until it quite literally hit him in the face. Though he did start getting the hint when the boy caught one of his punches.

That one punch knocked the wind out of him, and he found his head turning too far in the direction of the impact before recoiling. His bearings couldn't catch up in time, allowing Harun to simply push him off and onto the ground with relative ease. Finding himself on his back, the first thing he did was put his hands to his head, almost as if to hold it together. He hadn't taken a punch quite like that before, so he certainly couldn't say he was used to it. It almost felt like that one animé with that guy that could cause people's heads to explode just by poking their necks because he certainly felt like that was about to happen.

Nor was he used to someone suddenly standing over him, holding a pointy-looking hybrid of a gun and a sword to his throat, causing him to drop his hands to the ground. His vision was still somewhat blurred from the impact, but the silhouette of his once-best-buddy on this island and his assigned weapon was unmistakable.

"Seriously, man. What. The. Fuck. Was that for?" Harun growled, the impact fortunately not leaving Rashid's ears ringing.

Up until now, Rashid had actually forgotten how much bigger Harun actually was, if only because he actually came off as more imposing compared to his rather nerdy classmate. But if he hadn't felt completely measly, worthless and above all useless before, he certainly felt that way now, with the blade and corresponding nozzle of a gunblade just an inch from his throat. Much like the sensation of a finger pointed close to his forehead, he found himself petrified in place in an 'X'-like position on the ground as the blade seemed to already dig into his jugular vein. Any movement on Rashid's part on this point was provocation enough for Harun to pull the trigger.

And that, apparently, was Rashid's intention too.

"You think I'm useless, you son-of-a-bitch!" he snarled with a clenched jaw, somehow resisting the temptation to suddenly move his head up and end up finishing the job for him, or maybe snatch the blade and nozzle with both hands and stick them between his eyes. That didn't mean he wanted to, so very badly. He wasn't taunting Harun, as much as his angry tone seemed like it. He just wanted Harun to admit what he'd known to be true since he left the mansion.

It would certainly have explained his eyes starting to well up with what looked like tears.
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