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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"I... sure..."

Felicia stood over Samaya's body, thinking about what Aislyn had said regarding her a little while ago. The rational lines there were true; Samaya clearly didn't need any of those things anymore, and so anything she had could be put to good use. Felicia felt the weight dragging in the front of her shirt as these thoughts brought her attention back to the gun that Samaya had given to her. The tool was for her to use in order to protect the girl, but... Sammy managed to die anyway. And what a way to go... it was like she just fell asleep and, before Felicia woke up, left the island.

If only rational thought could keep emotions at bay indefinitely, but that was one task that it just could not do. She was still a friend, and Aislyn hadn't shed a single tear, instead thinking to ransack her body. If she could be disconnected, brought away from the situation to analyze, it, maybe Felicia would have understood the benefits of doing such. All of this was a bit much to be asking of a teenage girl, though. On the other hand, there were emotional factors that kept Felicia from screaming at Aislyn in such a tumultuous state. She had added the fact that Samaya truly was 'fine' now, probably meant as being in another, better place. Felicia could get that; there would be no killing and no more dying for her.

To kill and to die... Felicia thought the closest she'd ever get to the concept of murder is defending a client accused of murder, or maybe prosecuting a real one. At best, she hoped that she wouldn't die until she was an old (presumably rich and still internet-loving) woman, spending her final days sipping pink lemonade and beating somebody down with a shuffleboard... stick-thingy. Whatever the hell those things were called. With a sniff and rubbing of the nose on her sweatshirt sleeve, the girl had to come to terms with the fact that there was death going on all around her and, if she wasn't careful, she was going to die. She could die in a manner that would make Samaya's seem truly lucky. So, as rough as it was, Aislyn was right.

"I'll d-do what I can... just... can we cover her face up first? Something, anything out of respect..."

Felicia would have to do what it took to keep herself alive, or have her bloodstained lineage end here.
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