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While it took such a long time, but Jacob Charles finally woke up again.

It was almost like he'd been taken back in time, back to the first day, when he first woke up again. He didn't realise where he was. The last thing he remembered was gettino, you were running. He was going to sit nexyou were going to die. And then, he remembered the sand rushing up to meet him as he fell.

As his eyes forced themselves open, he was...unnervingly quiet. Jacob didn't want to scare the other two guys by suddenly bursting up like some sort of zombie in Dawn of the Dead. The first thing he saw when he pried his eyelids through the gunk encassing them, was the sight of blue. Again, he'd seen it all before.

But his thoughts were of something different.

Where's...where is everyone? Carol?

He didn't know.


He left him back at the houses.


He could register something now. He wasn't awake during the announcement, but...she had killed. 4 times.


She was gone. Shot in the chest after she tried to make a friend with some Russian chick or something.

Paige? PAIGE?

...just gone.

All his other senses started to work again. His lips, still crusty after almost a day, possibly even more, of sleep, took their first inhale of breath. His fingers, resting on the blue sleeping bag that was, for some odd reason, his most recent bed, started to move ever so slowly. His cap was somewhere down there. He didn't know where, but it was there.

...are those guys still there?

Scanning his peripheral vision, he couldn't see. There was blue, and the ocean, and what seemed to be even more sand. The beach was endlessly lying in either direction, he knew that, he didn't have to get up to find out that fact.

Taking his first real movement, Jacob tilted his neck to his left. The ocean. He knew that, so there was no real reason to look. Stupid him. Tilting further to the other side, he saw them. Colin and Tim.

...now that he was thinking clearly he knew where he recognised Colin. He remembered, this one time, Paige had dragged him to this cafe. She wanted to check it out, and he was dragged along. There was a performer there, on the guitar. He'd been a great player, and performer.

As he remembered, she took him over again. Her touch, her scent, her body. He still longed for something that would never be again, simply living in the past.

But that wasn't what he was supposed to be thinking about. What he was focusing himself on was the fact that, according to a subconcious nagging, there was something he knew about Colin.

Tony Russo.

The announcements named Colin out specifically for his death.

...Colin's a killer?

But no, there was something else that he didn't think about. Something else nagging at his mind. The specific wording of the way the announcement worded it.

The word 'accident' was involved.

So...does this mean something?

There were killers out there, no doubt. RobkillerkillerkillerkillerkillerJenkins had proved tha-


He knew what he was getting at subconciously now.

There was far too much of a difference between Rob...Jenkins and Colin Falcone.

Rob Jenkins killed because he had the choice.

Colin Falcone: according to the announcments, he wasn't given that choice. As far as Jacob knew, it wasn't his fault. He could rely on that little bit of information just until he started to fray at his wits end.

Colin Falcone was a killer.

But Rob Jenkins was...a murderer.

He wasn't about to let that fact overcome him now that he knew the difference now.

...he also realized it had been such a long time since he'd thought of her.

...I think it's time to move on, Jacob. She's gone. Nothing's going to bring her back again, especially not you lamenting about the fact that nothing is going to bring her back.

...But's she's all I've known, all I've fought for over the past year. She's the reason I made it through school. She's the reason I have...had....friends. I can't...She's never going to forgive me if I forget her.

Rather than staying on this train of thought, it being far too out of his league to comprehend at his mental state, he instead hoisted himself up on his elbows. He was sure they realised he was awake now, so it was time to reestablish his presence in their lives.

"...anyone got some water?" Jacob asked. He was really thirsty.
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