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Peter sure was confident. Sure was playing the good guy here. Thing was, something was wrong. Lucas couldn't quite put his finger on it at first, but something was definitely off. Peter didn't seem afraid. He was moving forwards, even, getting closer. Maybe preparing to use that sword of his. Maybe he just didn't care if Lucas shot Ericka. Maybe that was what he was hoping would happen, two targets for the price of one. And there was someone else behind him now, too. That did nothing to make the situation safer. No, maybe Peter was just confident because he had backup. Heavily armed backup.

Six shots against two people? Doable. Six shots against three? That was stretching it, especially if he had to return fire in two directions at once. Lucas glanced at Ericka, and... was she moving? Was she really trying that? What the hell? Did nobody take Lucas' weapon seriously? Was he a giant joke, someone they thought was too stupid to actually pose a threat?

Well. He'd show them. He was pretty positive Ericka was playing, now. Pretty positive Peter was up to something, too. The only sensible thing to do was take them out. It would take some maneuvering, though. Take some intelligent actions. It would require them to be off guard, and that meant taking a little risk.

"I could've shot her earlier too," Lucas said to Peter. "And, really, why should we believe Danya? You ever think he might, you know, not quite be on the level?"

And then, Lucas lowered the gun. Kept it grasped in his hand, but took his finger off the trigger, pointed the front away from Ericka.

"That's as far as I'm willing to trust you two for the moment. She lowers her gun and stops whatever she's doing, then maybe we'll talk more."

There. If that directed Peter's attention away from Lucas and towards Ericka, maybe he wouldn't be on the ball. Maybe he'd even be distracted enough for Lucas to deal with Ericka and get clear. After all, he couldn't be entirely certain that the boy was planning something bad. And there was still that other girl back there, the one causing Lucas to second guess himself. It would be best to leave her alone, unless she tried to pull something.

Just a second. All he needed was that tiny opening.
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