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I am but two years old, and a robot... It is hopeless.
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A burst of feedback rang out across the forest as Katelyn squeezed the trigger on the megaphone and adjusted its distance from her face. Swallowing again, she addressed anyone who could be listening.

"Uh, hi. It's Katelyn. With a 'K'."

Her voice sounded pretty different over her megaphone so she saw the need to clarify. In all the time since she had arrived on this island she had barely used her megaphone at all. That seemed to be something to be thankful for, since their kidnappers had designated it her weapon. Still, she felt a strange satisfaction at its use. This was something she could do for the others.

"We're not fighting! We won't hurt you! We might even be able to help!"

She wasn't sure if she could, Katelyn made the offer anyway. They had first aid kits in their bags, and could always offer a bit of food if these people needed some. They were all just trying to survive, weren't they? These people weren't killers, right? She'd already let them know where they were.

"Please don't hurt us," she added after releasing the trigger.

Please don't let them be killers...
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