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Time to Spare
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"Look at that bitch...thinking like she owns the place. Where does she get off acting like the one in charge? This isn't some sort of boot camp and you aren't the drill instructor, so shut your goddamn mouth and stop acting like you're my father. I'm already sick and tired of listening to that bastard's shit, so why should I listen to yours?"

Melissa kept her mouth closed as she timidly sat down next to Aislyn, her gaze fixated on the ground and her fists on her lap. She was trembling slightly, hearing the anger and sternness in Aislyn's voice as the other girl explained her reasons. She realized the logic in those words...the reasons. Compassion had no place in a game like this. To survive was the point here...to continue living in this hellhole. As long as they survived...what? There was no way to actually escape the island unless they were the only one left alive. Being part of a group was an easily disposable means to an end. And even if somehow the three of them made it to that end...what would happen next? Aislyn probably would kill them both somehow...judging from her attitude at least, she definitely had the whole 'me first' thing down pat.

"And you're just going to let that happen? Hah, you probably are! What an idiot! For all your smarts, all your brains, you're nothing more than an idiotic follower begging for someone to give you direction in life. If someone told you to kill yourself, you'd gladly do it if it meant getting their approval. Why not just beg her to kill you now? That way she won't have to worry about lugging your useless carcass across this fucking island."

"Um...yeah sure." Melissa began, her voice breaking a bit as she tried to keep her emotions in check. She felt cold, angry, upset...cold because she had willingly agreed to follow this...this plan. This plan of putting themselves ahead of everyone else on the island. It was the cold, rational decision, and immediately her mind was acting on it, trying to shut down the parts of her that would scream and rage at the thought of heartlessly murdering another student...a possible friend. Aislyn never specified a target...simply anyone who got in the way of their survival was fair game. Broad...reaching...she wondered who fell under that category.

"Hah, looks like you don't even need me to give you the fucking guts to go out there and grab your destiny with your own hands. Your friend definitely has more guts than you'll ever have in your life. Be a good follower and keep her alive, huh? She actually deserves to win this game and not you. Hah, make sure you be her meat shield too! You've always loved being the helper, the martyr that sacrifices time to always be that nice little girl in class! I'm sure she'll thank you if you die instead of her."

Anger...anger at herself for being so weak that she couldn't think of anything to say against this. She could only accept it as the truth...as her one way of somehow getting back home. The voice was right...she was just some weakling who could only tag behind others who actually had ambition and drive. Self-recrimination was no stranger to her and it was back in full force, blaming her heart and her mind for being so fragile. 'Please...if my parents are watching...I'm so sorry. So sorry...'

"Yeah, your precious Dad and Mom will save you. Don't you wish they were here now? Them, you would listen to. I bet if you heard your daddy telling you that it was okay to kill people and that you should do it to further the Li name, you'd kill the next person you saw. You wouldn't even need a weapon. Blind loyalty is a weapon enough for you, isn't it?"

'Shut up, shut up, shut up!' She thought fiercely, her smiling mask breaking for just a moment to show the twisted anger that lurked within her. In an instant, it was back up and she took a deep breath as she tried to force calmness back into her body. She looked up at Aislyn, her expression serious as she gave the other girl another nod. "Yeah...um, I got it Aislyn. I'll give it my all, don't worry. We're going to get out of this...definitely."

"Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down."
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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