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Barbs of hunger were stabbing up from his stomach through to his chest. It had been almost two days since he had eaten. Ethan hadn’t really brought any food on the trip so all that was left was the disgusting white bread they had been provided with. He hated white bread, but when push comes to shove there isn’t room to be a picky eater. He stuck his hand inside his duffle bag, fishing around to find the loaf but his hand felt something soft and unfamiliar; plastic. He pulled out a package of marshmallows. Taped to the bag was a note.

“Can’t go camping without marshmallows, little bro. – Whitney”

“Right, camping,” he laughed to himself. He grabbed a near by stick and tossed it to Feo. After ripping the bag open and grabbing a handful he tossed the bag to her too.

“So what if I am? I don’t want to imply that you are a cheap date, but the menu is a bit limited. It’s cool, I definitely won’t tip the waiter. This place sucks.”

Are we going to die and this rock? Yes. At least she will. So why not try to have some fun before we bite it?

“So what’s first date stuff we would talk about? We’ve already got basic first aid and threats of violence out of the way. So what, like, casual hobbies and bomb making is next, right?”
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