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Can you hear me?
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Katelyn fished the megaphone out of the bag quickly, and nodded. Remy found himself glaring at a giggling Josée, before looking back at Katelyn. God damn it, he really wasn't in the mood for Josée's antics right now. Again, it was her idea to team up, but that didn't mean he liked hanging around her most of the time. But, at least she had her club-thingy out, so she at least was going to be helpful, rather than going "my brother is an idiot" this entire time. That, at least, was a good sign, since it meant that she was going to... well, do something with herself if they got attacked.

Oh god, what if they were those kind of people? Would they be attracting some sort of psychopath to them? Not one, but two?

It was better to just talk to them, though. See if they would be willing to be friendly.

"Okay, Katelyn..." he started to say, and then took a deep breath.

"Just say to them... uh... you know. We're armed, but we're not willing to attack anyone. Or if you want I could... you know, say it myself?"

His hands wandered back to the knife in his pocket. What would happen if he had to use it? Again, at least two of them had weapons, right? There seemed to be two of the people, based on the voices. Two against two. Well, actually, three against two, depending on Katelyn's abilities. Hopefully it was indeed two people there, and not... well, more.

"Hey, anyone out there?"

Well, they seemed to notice them too, at least.

Okay, Katelyn, you know what to do. Just call out to them, and well... communicate. Remy took a deep breath.

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