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Before he knew it, Rashid was on top of him, doing that thing that Harun had seen a lot in both the movies and real life; where the attacker accompanied every syllable they shouted with a well-timed punch to their victim's defenceless, vulnerable face. Needless to say, it would be an understatement to say it was uncomfortable and painful. The petrified, panicky boy's thoughts could be summed up quite simply as "OH SHIT HE'S PUNCHING MY FACE IN".

However, despite his nerdy, awkward behaviour, Harun was not weak. It may not have been that noticeable to the casual observer, but Harun WAS bigger than Rashid, and, after what must have been the fifth (or sixth? Harun had kinda lost count) punch from Rashid, he got over the initial confusion and shock, gathered his thoughts, and slowly began to respond to Rashid's violence. Up until then, Harun's hands had been lying limp at his sides, doing nothing of use, but they quickly moved to cover Harun's face and block any further blows. Rashid threw yet another punch at Harun at that moment, and, in response, Harun clumsily grabbed onto the hand tightly, temporarily bringing it to a halt and stopping the momentum of the punch. He clenched his free hand into a fist, and threw a punch at Rashid's face before he could respond.

That one punch to the skull seemed to leave Rashid groggy and dazed, and before he could recover and fight back, Harun, with all the force he could muster, pushed Rashid off of him, and hastily propelled himself to his feet. He quickly spotted the swordgun lying nearby, and, aside from a bit of dirt and a couple of flies that had decided to rest on it, it was fine. Before Rashid could recover, Harun dashed over to the swordgun and scooped it up in his left hand (his right hand ached for some reason), causing the flies to scatter. He then turned back to Rashid, and held the blade to his throat, only an inch from his skin.

Shaking with a mixture of fear, rage, anguish and stress, Harun managed to talk. "Seriously, man. What. The. Fuck. Was that for?"
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