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Time to Spare
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(OOC: Knocking out of Marty approved by Fioriboy.)

'Could the great strategists and commanders of the world have predicted this? Could Erwin Rommel, Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Mitsunari Ishida, Ulysses S. Grant, George S. Patton, and Heinz Guderian put their collective minds together and figure out how the fuck everything went to shit here? Because there is no way in hell I will ever piece together this puzzle in all the years...or days in this case, that I have remaining alive.'

The thought just drifted though Michelle's mind as what seemed to be a peaceful scene with a hopefully stable group just exploded in her face. The new girl seemed smart enough...at least she wasn't begging or bawling her eyes out and being an overly useless wreck. She would have said something back to her if it wasn't for the pansy-ass inside his tent suddenly losing his shit and unzipping the tent flap. Screaming at them about how they were in SotF and people were dying around them, Michelle listened to his rant with growing irritation and anger, wanting to shut the fucking idiot up. If they weren't already in enough danger, the little shithole was probably going to call every single killer in a three-mile radius over to this location.

She would have just slammed her crowbar into the side of his head then and there, but his rant only triggered replies from the other two girls and it was then that Michelle simply found herself at a loss of things to do. The new girl seemed to go the "Aww, it's okay, dear~" route of mothering the frightened little bastard, although her expression was in contrast to her words. And Aston, woo boy, Aston decided to just let it rip. She stood there in a stunned sort of daze as Aston screamed out all of her frustrations on the boy and then decided to kick the goddamn tent away.

It wasn't her leg strength that Michelle was concerned about though. It was the gun that Aston had whipped out of her bag that caught her attention. 'Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't attack earlier after all...she's gone crazy now though. No way to safely get that gun away from her without trying to kill her now and she's way too hyped up for anything like that to succeed. No...better keep playing it safe. And shut these idiots up.'

First things first, though. Tent boy had to be quiet lest he go on a return rant back at Aston. It was bad enough hearing the two of them buzz at each other like vultures and she didn't want this craziness to continue. She tightened her fingers around her crowbar, a dangerous look on her face as she screamed, "Everyone, shut the fuck up and calm down!"

She punctuated her words by swinging the flat edge of her crowbar right into the side of the boy's head, a dull thud ringing out as the boy collapsed senseless to the ground. Breathing heavily, she quickly turned the weapon to Aston, her eyes narrowed. "I didn't want him to keep spewing out shit, so I thought it would be best if he took a little nap. I don't regret hitting him. So are you going to calm down now or do you want to add your name to the list of Danya's killers, huh? If you don't, drop the goddamn gun so we can all just sit down, cool our feet, and make sure none of us die here."
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