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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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"You're just um...taking her things?"

Aislyn could practically *hear* the judgment in Melissa’s tone and she nearly flinched. Sure, it looked bad but it wasn’t as if she had WANTED to be doing this. Like she was ENJOYING it. She desperately wanted to round on the other girl and snap at her. ‘Oh, yes, Melissa. I’m just taking her things. Because I’m a fucking ghoul and I like to loot the dead for shits and giggles.’

Instead, she stayed silent, not trusting herself not to lash out at the meek girl. Aislyn could feel Melissa’s eyes on her as she continued her perusal of Samaya-the-recently-deceased’s belongings. She tried to stay focused on the task at hand, sorting items into three distinct piles. A definite ‘to take’ pile, a ‘to store and hide’ pile, and the ‘to leave behind to throw people off’ pile.

"Do...do you want me to help carry anything? Um...I could take the first aid kit. Maybe if we split it up...That way it won't be...that much heavier, right? I'm sorry, I've never had to think about...you know, things like this before. It's kind of hard to deal with...especially since so many people are already dead."

‘Oh, like I’m an expert on this kind of shit? Like this is a fucking walk in the park for me?’ Snatching up one of Samaya’s infamous low-cut tops, Aislyn wound the material around her hand, twisting it violently and imagining it was Melissa’s neck. ‘First she practically calls me a grave robber, now she’s all for taking the stuff because now, NOW, she’s figured out it would benefit her. Fucking hypocrite,’ she silently seethed. Just as she opened her mouth, preparing to lay into Melissa, Felicia’s trembling voice stopped her.

"Aislyn, I-I..."

Aislyn looked over at Felicia and saw how utterly fragile and destroyed the other girl looked as she sat by the corpse of her friend. Turning her head slightly, she watched out of the corner of her eye as Melissa tried to make herself useful as she dithered around the piles. Some of her impending rage dissipated. As much as she would feel better if he indulged in her temper tantrum, it wouldn’t improve their situation. Besides, the other girls were practically in shambles as it was. Few people had ever been witness to one of Aislyn’s fits of temper, and those who had had described the experience as extremely frightening. And that was the last thing she needed, to frighten her companions.

Heaving a sigh, she motioned for Felicia to come over. “Okay, look. Here’s my plan. If we’re gonna make it until someone gets here to help, we have to help ourselves and utilize all of our available resources. That includes Samaya’s stuff.”

Making sure to look each girl in the eye, Aislyn continued in low tones. “Yes, it sounds cold, but Samaya doesn’t need it any more. She’s fine now. We?” Pointing her finger, she moved her hand in a circular motion, making sure to include all of them in the gesture. “Are not fine. Not by a long shot. We’re going to have to do some stuff that might seem questionable, but the reality of the situation is that we’re not playing by normal rules any more. When it comes down to it, it’s us or them. And I’m going to pick ‘us’ every time out.”

Aislyn paused, letting the thought sink in. “I don’t know about you, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit here and fall apart. I’m not gonna give anyone the satisfaction of rolling over and playing dead. As of right now, we have only one rule. Whatever it takes for us to walk away is fair game. Got it?” She stared at them, watching their expressions. Would they sign on or would she have to cut them loose as dead loss?
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