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((Nik Kronwall continued from Really Long Thread Title With Big Words))

It was becoming a recurring theme of Niklas Kronwall's journey on the island. Long silent walks from place to place, with nothing but footsteps and the sounds of nature occupying Nik's mind. Well, those sounds, plus the swimming thoughts about Staffan, Nick, the town, the game, Fiona, Evelyn...heck even Autumn passed through his head once or twice.

The long walk ended once Nik realized they were in the Town Center area again. He could see a group of guys in the distance, looked like 2 or 3 from where he was. One of them was obviously Craig Hoyle. No one else from Bayview was close to that size. Craig moved slightly to reveal that there were a few other bodies in the area.

Nik motioned to Fiona to stop her moving.

"Hey...stay here for now. I don't want you getting hurt if anything happens. Seriously, if anything bad starts to happen I want you to run."

The tone in Nik's voice was one he'd never really heard from himself. It was a very somber tone mixed in with a very caring sound. The last thing he wanted to do was really scare Fiona, but this was a decent sized group they'd found and Nik was not about to risk the life of his friend on approach.

Nik slowly moved forward towards the group. He removed the Colt from his bag and slid between his belt and pants along his waist, covering it as best he could with his shirt. The group hadn't noticed him yet. Figuring it was better to announce his presence while he was still close to some cover, Nik let out a yell to the group.

"Um..Hello! It's Nik Kronwall...I'm just trying to pass through to the houses over there. Looking for a place a rest."
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