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Can you hear me?
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They... seemed startled, to say the least. It didn't help that one of them was talking about slasher villains and such, now that she thought of it. However, the other girl gave out her own "hello", and asked if she was alright.

Alright? Well... she was tired, thirsty, hungry, and depressed. Chase wasn't in tip-top shape, to say the least, and she knew it. But, she decided to answer that question.

"Ah... fine. Tired and thirsty, but I think I'm fine. Don't worry about me, though, I'm not the type to-" she started, staring down at the ground. She didn't want to give out too many details, simply because she was never the type to tell her life story when asked, and didn't really want to talk about Dawne and Jon right now.

But, the voice that cut her off showed how this wasn't the case with others.

The tent suddenly unzipped, revealing a male student she recognized. Was that Marty Lovett? The guy who hung around the other guy who was obsessed with retro things or something? She didn't know him very well, but she did know that judging by the times she saw him around, he... seemed to be a bit of a "spaz", shall we say.

Chase could only stand there as he went on his tirade, the hand resting on her bag's strap suddenly tightening. Of course she heard the god damn fucking announcement. Of course she heard who had died. Of course she had heard the names, that fuckhead laughing about every single one of them... it wasn't like she didn't have people she fucking cared about die or something. Bah.

A look of anger passed over her features for a few seconds, before her face rested.

He was just scared, is all.


Just... scared...

Maybe if someone showed that if they were friendly, he could calm the hell down. That had to be it.

Chase slowly and hesitantly walked over, to get a closer look at the situation. She stared at the ranting boy for a few seconds, before a smile appeared on her face. Not the happy kind, though; one could tell in Chase's eyes that she was still upset. In a way, the look on her face looked slightly deranged and forced in appearance. It was pretty clear she was only smiling to look friendly to Marty. And, taking a deep breath, she spoke up.

"D... don't worry, Pie Man. I think I'm not a slasher villain or something. I'm not the type to... you know... slice someone's skin off... wear it as a hat... grind someone's bones to... uh... do something with... rape someone with a knife... that sort of thing, y'know?"

She looked around at the other two, and looked back at Marty.

"I don't r-really know about strawberries 'n cream h-hair or uh... spiky head, but I assure you, I'm... ah..."

Chase lifted her arms to form an "S" shape with them.

"... Safe?"

She looked back at the other two.

"I think we should put our things down. Y'know, so he doesn't freak out over the weapons 'n stuff? I think he would calm down, at least..."

As a sign of faith, she placed her remaining bag on the ground, and lifted her hands in the air. Hopefully they would do the same, and not turn out to be psycho killers too. What then though, if they were? Well, Chase would grab her bag and head out of there.

What if they were like Ben, though? She could remember Ben's own rant from yesterday almost word for word.

"Well. I just had my best friend's girlfriend killed before my very eyes, my best friend's run off into the wilderness with a fucked up leg, my ex-girlfriend's is one of the top killers on the island, another friend who I cared for died, I've slept for about 6 hours on and off trying to convince myself that no-one was going to kill me in my sleep, and I've got about two days worth of water left before I'm empty. I've... I spent an hour yesterday wondering whether I should kill myself to save the trouble. And you know what? I couldn't think of one reason why I shouldn't pull this fucking collar and blow my head off! I actually thought about committing suicide and it was an actual logical choice!. I... I never thought I would ever try to fucking kill myself! And... and you know what I wanted to do on this trip? All I wanted to do is to sit down with my friends and play fucking UNO! ...that's what I forgot. The uno cards. Of course. Fuck."

Well, okay, the UNO part was kind of weird, she had to admit.

But, the point remained. What if they didn't want to put down their things for similar reasons? Plus, she had considered taking Ben's gun before. What if those urges popped up again? She knew "strawberries and cream hair" had a crowbar on her, but who knew what "Spiky Head" had? Probably something in that bag...

But, hopefully they would be the nice, non-killing type of classmates, at the very least? Right? There had to be someone out there who wasn't at all psycho, right? She wasn't the only sane one remaining... right? She was always an oddball and proud of it, but that didn't mean she was one of the crazy ones. Hopefully it would be same with the others.

It had to be. What would happen if they weren't?

Chase looked around, and saw someone else heading on over from the woods. It was distant, but still visible enough. Oh great, more people. And this one seemed to have a weapon as well. A gun, or a crossbow? She really couldn't tell from here.

Wait a tic...

"Is that your friend?" Chase asked Marty quietly, while still staring at the distant figure.

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