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((Erik Laurin continued from Come & See. I'll let you dudes get your post order all fixed and awesome before I jump in, k?))

Erik wasn't entirely sure when he'd lost the rest of the group. It had been early on, he'd ducked out to take a piss against a tree, awkward sense of embarassment rearing its head and making him search long and hard for an area out of camera-reach. It wasn't that he was...you know, ashamed or anything, but he'd rather not have however many viewers on TV plus the Internet chat rooms he knew existed discussing his manly bits. And then he thought he was following them, following the shapes of footsteps on the ground, but in the end, he wasn't Ranger Rick. And when the footsteps had failed to materialize into people, even when he dug into that hidden strength he used during his track and field meets.


So he'd wandered. Biting back the fear, he'd carefully moved through woods, through fields of chopped-off trunks, trying to keep his eyes off the cameras. Seeing so many groups of students, but none that he wanted to join with. None he felt comfortable joining up with. Because how would he know? The announcements rippling through the air informed him of the dead and the killers, but they didn't come in any way frequently. And the weapons he saw, the people carrying them...

So he moved on his own. He thought vaguely about home. Occasionally, when he simply couldn't ignore the cameras anymore, he gave a crooked smile. If Kimber did watch, becaus he knew she would, maybe she'd catch that. Maybe she'd see her brother smile again. Maybe she could show that freeze-frame to Pierre, and to the twins, give them one last thing to cling onto. One last thing to remember. If he died-

When he died.

He would make sure to do it somewhere they couldn't see.

And now, in the night-time, he could see firelight. He moved in close, watching the light hungrily as he munched on stale crackers. He didn't want to join the group, but there was something about the twinkling light that was strangely comforting. He curled back against a tree, twisted his bracelets in one hand, and watched it, eyes slipping shut every now and then into an almost-sleep.

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