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((OOC Note: Private Thread))

((Ethan Kent continued from The Man-slut the Cocktease and the Lover))

Ethan and Feo had taken off walking from the tunnels in the direction of some mountains off in the distance. It was already past sunset and the mountains seemed like they would be a good source of natural shelter at the very least. In any case, Ethan was glad to finally be above ground and away from exploding things and those that would try to explode them.

The two decided to stop for the night in a well protected patch of greenery and trees in the mountains. He looked over briefly at his traveling companion. If you had to trek around a fucking murder island, doing it with a hot chick wasn’t such a bad way to do things. Even better, this hot chick was his kind. She had enough brains in her head not to do anything stupid, enough will to keep going and not crumble like the girl freaking out back at the caves, and enough bitchy-ness to make her entertaining to talk to.

He threw down their bags near a tree and started looking around for dry leaves and twigs. Ethan borrowed her oar to dig a hole 5 inches deep and threw the leaves and twigs in it. He gathered up some rocks and put them around the edges of the hole, then picked up a piece of wood and with a rock he carved a groove down the center. Ethan picked up a stick and ran it down the groove until a little pile of wood dust had accumulated. Next, he ran the stick down the groove as fast as he could and his reward was a small smolder from the dust. Gently, he blew on the tinder until it was recognizable as flame and tossed it into his pit. Soon they had a small fire to keep them company.

Ethan wiped his forehead and leaned back against a tree. The little fire crackled away happily. He looked over to Feo.

“Wanna have dinner?”
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