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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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A lot had happened, real quick too. He spoke too quickly again and everyone had rebuffed him. Phil felt ashamed. Especially when both Jennifer and Marco offered their water, so freely, without compunction. Even then it was shame he felt, not an overwhelming sense of helplessness. It was only when Alex appeared from the bushes that this new was of emotion washed over him.

He had been playing in his head up until now. That everything would be alright, that once he found his teammates they would know what to do. There were so many people around him now, he wasn't sure who to listen to, where to turn. Marco was his team mate, he should know what to do, and then there was Jennifer - whom he had sworn (at least to himself) to protect. That in itself was fine but what happens if Marco wanted to leave Jennifer, what happened if Jennifer didn't trust Marco. It was too much for him to handle right now. He retreated in to his shell, like he always did.

Shrinking to the back he stood taut and morose next to Jennifer, his hands, his limbs all felt like they did before a game. He could almost smell it in the air. Something was about to happen and Phil was not ready.

He tried to grab Jens hand. It was a rough move and he might of squeezed too tight. He mumbled to her, his hand tightening around hers.

"We should go."
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