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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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And Sarah opened her eyes, her heart rate returning to normal. Brock was off to one side and Alice, her assistant was standing over him, a bloodied rock in one hand. Slowly Sarah got to her feet, pausing for a second to catch her breath before giving Alice a goofy smile. "Well. That was not how I expected this to go, but you know how film is. Gotta roll with the punches right?" Placing her hands on her knees Sarah tried to will away the pain. Although Brock had not actually hit her the force of the impact was more than enough to cause Sarah to wonder if she hadn't bruised a rib or too. After a few moments she walked over to Alice and unzipped the bag.

"Here, set up this camera here." She pointed over to a relatively flat piece of terrain. "I'm going to start working on a little modification to the costume that the makeup department provided our friend here."
Oh, god no. Please I can't see this happen again.
Walking over to Brock's unconscious form Sarah began to drag the boy over to the flat patch about thirty feet away. The weight of Brock meant she took a few minutes to do so and was out of breath when she had finished. Alice had finished setting up the camera and was looking back at Sarah with uncertainty in her eyes. Glancing up Sarah motioned to her bag again. "I've got some strapping tape in there. Quite a lot actually, can you get that out for me? We need to make sure that he's all snug and tight. Wouldn't want anyone going off script again would we?"
This is wrong! Why aren't you stopping her Alice? Stop her!
Carefully Sarah removed the Sniper Rifle from her back and placed it upsidedown on top of Brock's admittedly large body nestling the barrel under his chin comfortably. Grabbing his arm she moved his hand so that his fingers were pressed close to the trigger and then she flicked off the safety. A round was already chambered. She had read enough to figure out how the gun worked, although she hadn't actually fired it yet. Heading back to Alice who had grabbed the strapping tape from the bag she took the tape from the exchange student and returned to the unconscious Brock. Slowly she began taping. First his hand to the trigger tightly, but enough that he could squeeze it if he needed, then strapping the gun down to his chest so it wouldn't slide at all. Finally his legs and arms, bound tight and secure. Brock was a strong guy and Sarah did not want to make a mistake. She used the entire roll just in case. With that job done she sat down on a nearby rock and rested for a second. After a few minutes she got back up and grabbed a clean bottle of water from the pack. Motioning for Alice to begin filming she took a deep breath and then put on a beaming smile. Looking at Alice she spoke, and in three, two." She mouthed the last number and strolled in to scene. Back on set her heart raced in anticipation once more. Thump thump thump.
Don't make me look.
Unscrewing the bottle she poured the contents over Brock's face and the boy's eyes opened. Groggily at first and then alarmed. "Wakey wakey, hands of snake-y." Sarah said, beaming the whole time. "It is suuuuuuch a pity you didn't believe me. I mean like, what is the world coming to and all." Bending down she grabbed Brock's cheek and tugged on it. "but you're such a big dumdum aren't you Brocky?" Releasing the flesh and giving it a playful slap she stood back up frowning. "I should tell you now, you shouldn't struggle. I assure you that tape is quite secure and you really don't want to accidentally push something you shouldn't." Sarah turned her gaze to Brock's fingers under the tape. "Unless you want to end it all know -but that wouldn't be very fun at all now would it?" She turned and winked at the camera. "So lets play a little game. How about I never? Should I go first?" She crouched down once again, putting her hands on her knees. "I'll go first. hmmm. I never kissed a girl." She lent in close to Brock "Have you?"
You sick bitch.
thumpidty thump.

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