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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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The last day and a half had gone by incredibly fast. Unlike much of the school population Teo, Nick and Gracie had moved both slowly and warily. They had not decided to trapeze across the island heedless of the dangers of the other students. Although both the boys had agreed to 'play' the consensus was to remain off the scoreboard as long as possible. Having their names read out was a bad thing, no matter how you looked at it. As a result the had steered clear mostly of other students, marking of areas on their map as they went, noting landmarks and discussing topics ranging from pre-arranged signals to how much food they had left. Mostly it was terribly boring interspersed with brief moments of tension. It had taken it's toll on Teo and from his point of view it seemed that both Gracie and Nick were more inclined to leave the planning up to him. He didn't let Gracie take watch and from her part it seemed she had been content to sleep both nights without interruption. He traded with Nick after midnight which meant that they both had four hours sleep both nights. It wasn't helping. Both of them were big guys and they ate a lot. Despite their best efforts they were running low. Hell Teo had less than a loaf left. So they had moved towards the fun fair. The chances were that it would be less populated than the town, but with a few students floating around. Hopefully some which still had their rations, although the way Teo's stomach was grumbling he wasn't above scavenging the bodies of the dead, and that was how the group ended up watching Jay and Janet as they approached.

Teo grunted in response to Nick's observations. He was a little on edge. "Yeah I see it. Doesn't look like it's loaded. Jay wouldn't even know what to do." He knew Jay pretty well, purely based on Jay's antic's in and (to an extent) out of class. The kid didn't have what it took to kill someone. Janet on the other hand... Janet was smart, athletic and most of all driven. In a situation like this that was a dangerous combination. It hit a little too close to home for Teo's liking. Gracie was still a ways behind but Teo wanted to move. Disable the threat and get some more rations. If they had to kill them, then so be it but it was clear that they had to ensure Janet didn't get that gun and that neither of the two could come after them. Whatever it took.

"Right." Teo said quietly. "This is the plan. Jay's got the gun, but I don't think we need t worry about him. Janet's the dangerous one." Teo strained to make out something on the hockey stick. Could be dirt. Could be blood. He couldn't tell from here. "We should come at different angles, be friendly enough but keep to some cover, if Jay pulls his gun we should step away. If not we'll close the distance, try to resolve the whole acquisition of goods peacefully. Worse comes to worse you take care of Jay, I'll focus on Janet." With a nod Teo pointed to the left before getting up and sneaking to the right. Whatever happened now, at least some of that tension could be released.

Creeping towards the carousel he unslung his crossbow. Once he was sure Nick was well in the other direction he called out. "Jay, Janet, hate to break up the party here but we'd like to talk."

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