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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim ground his teeth together and continued on his frantic quest to get Jacob to shore. With each shout and yell, his grip only proceeded to grow tighter on Jacob's arms, and his pulls and yanks only strengthened. Once the three were able to reach shore, Tim slowly let go of the boy, but he seemed thoroughly enraged. He took a step away and gaped at the suicidal boy as he yelled expletive after expletive. He was in a rage that didn't seem likely to stop anytime soon.

And Tim could only stare, his eyebrow quirked precariously as he listened. He hadn't expected this. It's not like he thought Jacob would thank Tim for his kindness and go on his merry way, suddenly enchanted with the idea of life, not suicide, but.. In a fit of suicidal thoughts one moment and in a screaming rage the next? It was shocking to say the least.

Tim suddenly felt tired. He was tired of dealing with these emotionally unstable people. Tired of nursing crying people back to normality. Tired of dealing with irrationality and a lack of logic. He was mostly tired of Jacob's yelling. It wasn't like he felt smug in his actions of "saving Jacob's life." Tim didn't even view it as such. He was also sorry that he had butted in on what Jacob viewed as a prime time for dying, but.. Tim wasn't the type to sit around and watch as some dude offed himself. That wasn't his style.

But with the way this guy was yelling, Tim wondered if he even did the right thing at all. Maybe this was all a mistake. Just as he pondered earlier if drowning oneself really would save someone from later heartbreak or a violent death, Tim just wondered if letting Jacob die was a better idea.

"You don't even know! ... You don't even know what happened! ... I was... I was...I...was... ..."

Tim rolled his eyes. He was tired.

"Unless you were out there looking for sand dollars or ATLANTIS, then I think I know!" He paused. Way to be brash. "I, uh, I'm not trying to be mean here, but isn't there a better-" He trailed off and watched as Jacob sunk into the sand and began to cry. This was like Colin v2. Another person to comfort and sympathize with. Tim looked around and realized that he felt almost out of place. Should he begin to cry too? Was there something actually wrong with him? Had he gone sociopathic, too heartless to shed a tear once in awhile? At that thought, his heart went heavy. He couldn't think of a single thing that could possibly sway him to tears right now. Not even the image of Jacob's weeping.

Tim realized he was staring at Jacob like an animal behind a cage. He looked over at Colin with an imploring gaze, as if he was asking for help. A look that seemed to say, "What in the hell are we supposed to do?" Or maybe a look that just further proved how tired he really was.

"Paige?" Tim asked himself when Jacob began to cry her name. It must have been the name of that girl he lost. He wasn't completely aware of who Paige was, but... it must have hurt to lose someone that Tim assumed was very close. Tim's thoughts were so funeralistic right now, it was sickening. Robotic and sensitive. "She was a nice girl, so full of life. So close to dear Jacob, now departed and gone. How shall he ever go on?" Tim shook his head and was about to say something, probably something vaguely comforting and then Jacob made a break for it.

Tim shouted his name and ran after him, but, thankfully, he didn't make it far before collapsing. Tim gave Colin another one of his famous looks but stopped short and offered a clumsy smile. Colin had fallen in the water and was clearly soaked up to the neck. Holding out his hand, he helped the boy up, and the two walked towards Jacob.

Tim watched as Colin examined Jacob's form, and in the flickering light of the campfire, a wound was revealed. Tim was useless when it came to first-aid, so he was completely thankful that Colin took charge in caring for the wound, obviously caused by a bullet, he presumed. Watching as Colin fixed Jacob up, he couldn't help but smile and wonder if this is what it took to take Colin's mind off of Tony's death. Helping someone else in their time of need.. Maybe that would inspire Colin?

After dragging out his old blue sleeping bag for Jacob to rest on (Tim was now thankful that he hadn't thrown away the bag he had packed for the camping trip), the two waited for hours for Jacob to wake up. The wait was filled with silence and restless resting, but there wasn't much else they could do. They couldn't very well save a boy's life and then leave him out here to die.
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