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OK. So there was some daft bitch trying to shout them all down, moaning about what a bad thing killing was, spouting off about how bad they'd all feel. Quince honestly didn't give a crap so far about the boys he'd left dead. Still, there was Tiffany to be concerned with. She might buy into the speech. Still, he'd have until at least the next morning to figure out what to say once they all found out what he'd done.

There may be a way out of this for everybody involved. And it would give him an even better hand. "Okay, here's what we do. Tiff, put your gun down." He yelled down to her, hoping that she'd listen to him. "You, I take it that now there's no point in asking if you want to stick around, or in getting you to throw your own gun away. You wanna go, go. But if I even see you think about turning round and shooting us, you'd better be good. Cause I'll come after you if you miss, and I'll make you wish that you'd never been born."

He hoped that he sounded bad ass. If there was any justice, then this guy would go, and he'd get points with Tiffany. Then they could deal with whoever the guilty feeling bitch was. If he was lucky, she'd know something about Felicia. If he was even luckier, she'd have something that he could use.

He was wondering if there was any point in hunting for Felicia. What would he say to her if he saw her? And Tiffany was right there. Maybe it would be for the best if they didn't see each other. Then again, the thought of her dying out there, alone on the island, with him never knowing where they stood, was something that he could barely bring himself to think about.

No, he needed to be here now. In the moment. He strengthened his grip on the golf club and took a step towards the guy in front of him. "Don't take too long making up your mind."
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