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Jen tried to be strong. She tried to be the good soldier that she needed to be to survive in here. As Morgan ran off, instructing her to follow, she debated her choices. Sure, the shot hadn’t been followed. There was a good chance that they hadn't been the intended targets. And what figures she had seen were now all gone.

Still, there was something holding her back. Fear. If she went out there only to feel a bullet tear through her, then what would it all have been worth. And there was every chance that there was somebody waiting for her. She knew that she'd made enemies in her time, people who wouldn't hesitate to use this as a chance to get revenge on her for real or imagined slights.

On the other hand, hiding and waiting to be caught wouldn't do much use either. Right now, she didn't have much choice. If she wanted to have even a shot at getting off this island, then she had to stick with the plan. And that meant Morgan. She raced off behind him.

((Jen Romita cont'd in The Worst Bath Ever))
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