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"Shove off. We got none."

Rhory managed to find it in her capabilities to roll her eyes at his comment. She could fend for herself, thank you very much, some spit just went down the wrong tube or someth-

But before she could clear her throat enough to speak again, Rhory was suddenly surrounded by people offering water. What the fuck? She wasn't sure what to react to more- the foolishly instinctive kindness or the blatant lie spouted by the large jock. But then again, it made sense- she shamelessly grabbed the boy's bottle and took small, careful sips, not enough to heal but enough not to step on toes- water was limited. They barely had enough for themselves. Remembering her own bags only feet away, Rhory felt a pang of shame. Oh well. Not my loss.

As consciousness (the full, rational kind) returned to her body and the boy who'd given her the water began talking about getting some from a stream or whatever (oh jeez, play the hero why don't you), Rhory finally examined the faces that surrounded her. Two of them, the jock and the hero, she recognized. They were both on the hockey team- either that or she'd seen them with hockey paraphernalia at school for no reason. The jerk one appeared to be wounded- suddenly, his actions made a lot more sense. The girl was... fuck, it was on the tip of her tongue. Jennifer. Right. (She handed back the bottle and thanked them) They'd talked once or twice. Didn't she make her own clothes? Right, that was it. Nice girl. A little too nice for her own good sometimes, but a nice girl all the same.

And then someone else appeared. Blonde boy. Rhory didn't know him. He stumbled through the trees and asked the group for help, sending throbs of guilt down Rhory's spine and into her stomach. If he needed help more than she did and they turned him down now... It wasn't like they could afford to be giving out assistance to anyone who stumbled through in the first place, but Rhory could easily have just grabbed her own water.

But then again... there was something off about this boy. Rhory tried to sweep it aside as paranoia, but her intuition continued to tuck at her ribs. Her body stiffened, the way a deer does when it knows you've seen it. Careful... Rhory observed, watching for reactions and ready to book it at the first sign of trouble.
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