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Oh, you have GOT to be shitting me...

It became clear to Marty at that moment that the brief moment of peace and tranquillity he was blessed with had finally come to an end. First there was the girl with the gun who intruded on his privacy and may or may not be a complete psychopath, then there was Michelle who could also may or may not be a complete psychopath. And now... Before he even had the chance to squeal out loud in terror, yet ANOTHER girl had come across his little hiding place.

Was it the pink tent that had attracted the attention of all these girls? Was it some kind of unnatural magnet that caught the attention of wondering females? If so, why the hell did they all pop up at once? More or less...

This is RIDICULOUS! I didn't ask for this! All I wanted was to stick back, relax and stay out of trouble... And yet for some reason trouble seems to follow me like some kind of rabid animal! Is wanting to be left alone to die in peace really TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?

He was on the verge of exploding right on the spot... Not only was he terrified beyond comprehension, but now that the initial shock of the visitors had worn off he was beginning to get annoyed by the fact that he was no longer alone, and that he now had to deal with the problem of THREE potential psychopaths instead of just one. And he wasn't enjoying one second of it...

"You holding up okay?"


In a mixture or anger and impatience, he unzipped the tent 'door' and crawled out, his face red in a mixture of frustration and sheer embarrassment. He reconginzed the girl with the gun now... Aston Martin or something like that. Either way, it didn't matter. Aston or not, he was feeling particularly pissed off this morning and felt like taking it out on the world.

"I mean, how the hell CAN I when I'm surrounded on all sides by people who probably want me DEAD! How the hell can ANYONE here keep up a straight face when there's people dying by the truckloads out there! Didn't any of you hear the announcements? People are DEAD now! I mean, seriously fucking dead! Strangled, shot, stabbed, blown up... You understand?!? PEOPLE HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP! So yeah, of course i'm not holding up okay! Because within a week we'll all be fucking DEAD! DEAD YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!!!"

As Marty continued rambling on, his tirade getting more and more unintelligible as time went on, a certain ear managed to catch his rant far off...

((Joshua Krakowski continued from... Well, here.))

Joshua was barely a dozen metres or so away when the voice of his best friend shouting out loud caught his attention. What the... Nah, can't be. Can it?!?

He listened with anticipation, assuming at first that it was just his imagination bullshitting with him again... But there was no doubting it, that was Marty's voice screeching out loud right now. Back in the direction of those girls by the pink tent... MARTY! Jesus, I hope he's alright!

He lumbered in the direction of the noise, crossbow pistol in hand, desperate to get there before anything bad happened to his best friend...

Oh god, please don't let this be another Everett...
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